Scale Sales Enablement With One-to-Many Personalization

In the late stages of 2022, we are all preparing for the unknown in 2023. With global challenges and uncertainty, this can be a challenging time for businesses to know what levers to pull and how to best scale in, at the very least, unpredictable times. 

The future is uncertain, yes, but the last three years have had their fair share of changes and challenges as well. Organizations have faced significant obstacles with the way they operate, including permanent virtual work, new buyer expectations, and intensified competition. We are looking at a potential economic downturn in 2023, so how are we as revenue leaders supposed to prepare for the known unknowns and unknown unknowns of 2023? 

As a revenue guy, I am going to stick with the revenue side of the house. Control what you can control, right? 

These circumstances require businesses to continue to appeal to the consumer’s current needs while also reading into their future needs. And, they must be able to appeal to these buyers with extreme personalization. In addition, companies must encourage their sales teams to grow their capabilities and maximize the bottom line with less budget. 

I am a firm believer that in economic downturns, we as business leaders can find our footing and our future expansion if we take the right steps, innovate in the right areas, and invest judiciously in ways that can make the most impact. Not investing is not an option and investing too frivolously is not an option either. You must be a sniper. 

This is where sales enablement and, more importantly, personalization at scale comes into play! Investing in sales enablement is one area where you can innovate in 2023. Through this investment, sales and marketing teams will be empowered to satisfy the personalization needs of the buyer while also achieving internal success due to higher performance. 

With the table now set, let’s discuss the following:

  • Why you should invest in sales enablement
  • What tools you must invest in to get the most out of sales enablement
  • The power of one-to-many personalization

Why you should invest in sales enablement in 2023

Trust is everything when it comes to your brand’s connection with the buyer. The quickest way that you can impact the trust between your brand and the buyer is by streamlining the buyer’s experience throughout every stage of the buying process. If done right, sales enablement teams and tech take a page out of the omnichannel marketing playbook by creating this streamlined, unified customer experience. 

A well-oiled sales enablement process helps to create a seamless experience for the consumer, and that is a sure-fire way to build trust and brand loyalty from the start. Sales enablement can and should act as the connective tissue between business units within a growing organization. That alone is a great reason to invest in sales enablement in 2023. 

The tools you adopt make a difference

Tools and tech matter in the modern growth-oriented business. Choosing the right tools is critical to align teams, improve efficiencies, and collect data-driven insights that drive predictable revenue growth. There is a 19% increase year-over-year of companies that are adopting sales enablement tools. 

If you have not adopted a sales enablement platform yet, 2023 is the time. Consider Salesloft when doing your research. 

Platforms like this can not only help you improve the customer experience, but they also promote cultural health internally and create a better experience for your sales reps. Those companies that use sales enablement platforms like SalesLoft are 8x more likely to have highly engaged sales reps. That’s a win in my book. 

In addition, these tools do a nice job of helping you know what is working and what is not working. They have email analytics layered in to empower you to adjust on the fly and reprioritize your approach. And, if these built in analytics are not enough, you can always explore external analytics and BI solutions that are purpose-built for sales and marketing answers. Regardless, you must be able to not only improve what you are doing on the fly based on data-driven information, but you must also be able to defend your spend. Analytics is a sure-fire way to defend your approach and budget, and this is critical during economic downturns. 

Whether you are adopting a sales enablement platform for the first time or looking to get the most out of your sales enablement platform, there is one other tech choice you need to make if you want to get the most out of your sales enablement investment. 

As we originally discussed, your sales enablement team is the connective tissue between internal revenue team personnel. Now, you must select a technology solution that can be the connective tissue between the revtech stack and the customer data. A system like Vertify, allows you to trust that customer data is flowing from system to system throughout the customer journey. It allows you to trust that each of these systems, including your sales enablement system, have the most up to date and clean data so that reps can deliver trustworthy and personal interactions. You must ensure that your marketing platform, CRM, sales enablement solution, and any additional apps (like BI/analytics) are connected and speak one common language. That is where a solution like Vertify comes in to make each of these systems better. It is a critical component to sales enablement success. 

The power of 1:1 personalization at scale

With the proliferation of digital channels and the adoption of those digital channels by consumers, the expectation is that brands must deliver personalized experiences. People buy from people, but how do you scale that? Sales enablement combined with data automation is the answer. 

You see, customers want to feel like brands know who they are and what matters to them. They want to feel like they are being heard. You must construct experiences that empower customers at the individual level to build lasting and loyal relationships. 

Personalization is a means to an end. Ultimately this is about using the information at your fingertips to build a message that is relevant to the consumer. But, when it comes to combining sales enablement technology and data automation technology, we can take it one step further to personalize at scale. 

We can ensure that your interactions are relevant to customers throughout the buyer’s journey. How do you do this? This is not simple to pull off, but with the right tools and techniques, the complex can become less complex. 

Let’s say you use Salesloft and Vertify. Salesloft empowers you to deliver hundreds of targeted messages every single day. In many cases, one rep will struggle to build ten personalized emails every single day. Salesloft allows them to scale much more rapidly without losing sight of the personalization. You see, Vertify is automating the flow of every activity and engagement that the consumer has with your brand. Vertify enriches SalesLoft with this data and Salesloft then takes this data and applies it to specific accounts, contacts, and campaigns that the sales enablement team is running. Vertify gives the SalesLoft platform and the sales team a complete view of who the customer is and how they want to be communicated to. Then, use Veritfy to connect Salesloft to a reporting platforms like Power BI in order to learn from your data and dial in your sales efforts so that you can win more business and optimize spend.

These tactics empower you to get hundreds of messages sent out every day that are both targeted and personal. This is the power of personalization at scale, brought to you by the combined power of sales enablement platforms and data automation solutions. 

In Conclusion

2023 is your year to get personal. 2023 is your year to encourage your teams to scale through personalization and speak into the customers listening. By deploying a sales enablement motion combined with the right technology to back it up, you can create extreme trust in your brand and ultimately a brand loyalty to match. 

Now it’s time for you to go win the personalization game in 2023!

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Matt Klepac