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The Value of a Data Management Platform Integration

Data analytics is here to stay – it’s the secret weapon that puts the “intelligence” into Business Intelligence (BI). However, as you might imagine, data analytics is only ever as good as the data obtained and the processes used to derive trends and insights from that data. Full data management platform integration is the best…

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How to Find a NetSuite Integration Partner

How much of your business data is trapped in NetSuite? Leveraging business intelligence is essential for strategic-thinking corporate decision-makers, and NetSuite’s comprehensive business management software generates plenty of data. But you can only convert data into usable intelligence when information can freely flow between systems, and the best way to do this is through a…

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Why Do You Need Data Diagnostics?

Data Diagnostics: A True Story Before digging into a true data diagnostics story, let’s quickly define what it is. Based on Gartner’s Glossary, and considering the term is a synonym for diagnostics analytics: “Diagnostic analytics is a form of advanced analytics that examines data or content to answer the question, ‘Why did it happen?’ It…

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