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5 Steps to Building a Revenue Operations Team

Effective revenue operations take aligning sales and marketing, along with other customer-related functions like support and finance. And yet, RevOps managers often overlook marketing’s role when building revenue operations team. Revenue operations are geared towards driving sales-related goals. So, it is natural for this to emphasize sales strongly. However, marketing is fundamental for driving the…

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What Is Revenue Forecasting Software and Why Is It So Valuable?

Do you know how much revenue your business will generate for the next year? If not, you probably need to consider investing in revenue forecasting software. Come to think of it, even if you have a good idea, the software can serve you well. Revenue forecasting software gives you deeper insights into your business’s revenue…

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Announcing ICP Analytics

Personalized experiences are taking over the world. The number of interactions that take place  both physically and virtually is compounding exponentially. We think of personalization as a long standing thing but it’s only in its infancy. For those willing to visualize a new way to relate person to person, or organization to organization, the outlook…

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Feature Launch – Pivot by Lead Source

Introducing Lead Source Analytics Today, Vertify is announcing the launch of a new feature: Pivot by Lead Source. It’s the second automated pivot in Marketing Impact Analytics but received the highest demand amongst our users. We believe it’s going to be revolutionary for companies grappling with questions around where to invest their marketing dollars next.…

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How to Build an Ideal Revenue Operations Structure

Revenue Operations, or RevOps, is a centralized business method that aligns every part of your organization to grow your business. When incorporated into your company’s organizational structure, Revenue Operations eliminates downtime, streamlines internal operations, enhances client acquisition, increases retention, and creates a team of individuals focused on a common goal. Rather than working within their…

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Benefits of a Revenue Operations Platform

A new management system is needed within companies, one that becomes a “single source of truth” and does a better job of generating greater returns. By integrating sales, marketing, and customer success and support, revenue operations platforms can become this critical revenue source. “The underlying problem is simple. Managers are trying to use organizational systems…

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