Bullhorn and Marketo Data Integration Tools

Marketing Automation & Data Integration
Applicant Tracking, ERP, & Operations Integration

The Marketo-Bullhorn integration by Vertify is a multi-directional, automated integration enabling you to be more strategic with both platforms. Aligning Marketo and Bullhorn allows your marketing automation system to leverage existing customer and applicant data stored within Bullhorn. This powerful integration allows you to save time and money by inputting data in one system and automatically updating the information on the other end.

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The Vertify Marketo-Bullhorn integration gives you API developer control of Bullhorn – without being a developer – in a straightforward drag-and-drop interface. Own your customer journey like never before. Build a personalized marketing experience and offer a more complete prospect story to sales with every lead.

better data management

Increase your data quality and data integrity that helps improve sales, marketing, and finance decision making by using ROI reporting through Vertify.

personalized marketing

Own the candidate and applicant journey by spending more time nurturing the candidate experience shifting from data entry and manual data movements to relationship building.

match business processes

Automatically load jobs in your ERP allowing recruiters to be automatically notified. Status updates are automatically synced while providing full visibility into candidate submissions.

Use Vertify to connect Marketo – Bullhorn.

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