Marketo & Magento Data Integrations

Connecting your marketing automation and ecommerce platforms

Create an automated connection between Marketo and Magento with Vertify. Aligning your marketing automation and e-commerce platforms allows you to leverage existing siloed data. This powerful integration accelerates growth by automating processes like syncing leads & customer data between the two systems and much more!

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The Vertify Marketo – Magento integration gives you API developer control – without being a developer – in a straightforward drag-and-drop interface. Equip your team with the data to make defensible decisions that move the needle.


Better E-Commerce Data Management

Determine where, when, why, and under what conditions the data should move, as well as apply powerful data clean-up, transformation, translation, and merge rules.


Personalized Marketing

Own the customer journey with a personalized marketing experience and provide an accurate picture of the customer across channels.


Align Sales & Marketing

Increase sales efficiency by delivering the full customer/prospect journey, scaling your business to the next level.

Use Vertify to connect Marketo – Magento.

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