Marketo – Salesforce

Connecting your marketing automation and CRM platforms

Looking for an automated connection between Marketo and Salesforce? Connect with Vertify. Aligning your marketing automation and CRM platforms allows your marketing automation system to leverage existing siloed data. This powerful integration allows you to save time and money by inputting data in one system and automatically updating the information on the other end.

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Get a fuller view of your most interesting and important asset: your data. By expanding your integrations with more systems, you will enhance the insights teams see from the data resulting in faster and greater outcomes. Whether you have two instances of SalesForce, two instances of Marketo, or other platforms, the more connections, the more efficient your data.

better data management

Prevent duplicated efforts: Gain control over defining filters used to sync data, as well as apply powerful data clean-up and merge rules.

personalized marketing

Capture and analyze data further down the customer/prospect journey, providing a more complete picture to inform the personalized marketing experience.

multi-point system integration

Expand your data enrichment and enhance the insights delivered resulting in more complete, clean data.

integrate sales & marketing

Increase sales efficiency by delivering the full customer/prospect journey alongside your sales leads, scaling your business to the next level.

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