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Microsoft Dynamics & Salesloft Data Integration Tools

Align your CRM & sales enablement tools

The powerful Vertify integration between Microsoft Dynamics and Salesloft allows you to take control of each system by inputting clean data in one and automatically updating it in the other. Marketing is focused on mass lead nurturing, sales is focused on 1:1 lead nurturing, but sales enablement is focused on 1:1 lead nurturing at scale. Vertify empowers sales and marketing teams by providing an accurate picture of the customer across channels.

Integrate custom objects and fields with ease. Better manage your sales process, track customer behavior, and engage customers with automated integration. Empower sales reps to be more productive with Salesloft workflows that trigger outbound sequences from changes in Microsoft Dynamics. The added value of an integrated data set brings can allow your sales and marketing teams to work together to close deals faster.

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The Vertify Microsoft Dynamics – Salesloft integration gives you API developer control – without being a developer – in a straightforward drag-and-drop interface. Give your sales teams the information they need in order to close deals quicker.


Better Data Management

Hold back incomplete data to keep your CRM instance clean: determine where, when, why, and under what conditions the data should move, as well as apply powerful data clean-up.


Personalized Marketing

Send the most accurate and valuable data from your CRM to own the customer journey with a personalized marketing experience.


Align Sales & Marketing

Increase sales efficiency by delivering the full customer/prospect journey alongside your sales leads, scaling your business to the next level.


More Complete Lead Data

Connecting CRMs can be used to prioritize marketing actions to use as triggers to send new leads between systems.

Use Vertify to connect Microsoft Dynamics – Salesloft.

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