Microsoft Dynamics & Splash

Connecting your CRM and B2B event management platforms

Looking for an automated connection between Microsoft Dynamics & Splash? Manual entry of lead data is likely costing you sales opportunities. Connect with Vertify!

Get the most value from your Splash event marketing application by integrating it with Microsoft Dynamics. The Microsoft Dynamics-Splash integration by Vertify is a multi-directional, automated integration enabling you to be more strategic with both platforms. This powerful integration allows you to save time and money by inputting data in one system and automatically updating the information on the other end. Complete the customer journey; integrate your data from the end-to-end event marketing technology that Splash has built.

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The Vertify Microsoft Dynamics & Splash integration gives you API developer control – without being a developer – in a straightforward drag-and-drop interface. Give your sales teams the information they need in order to close deals quicker.

Benefits of using Vertify

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Better CRM Data Management

Determine where, when, why, and under what conditions the data should move, as well as apply powerful data clean-up, transformation, translation, and merge rules.

Data Enrichment
Personalized Marketing

Own the customer journey with a personalized marketing experience and provide an accurate picture of the customer across channels.

Align Sales & Marketing

Increase sales efficiency by delivering the full customer/prospect journey, scaling your business to the next level.

Use Vertify to automate your integration.

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