Attention All Marketing Operations Professionals.
Vertify was built for you!

Want a better, more automated way to send the right leads to sales? Need a better way to understand all of your engagement metrics? Vertify was built for you, the marketing operations professional. With Vertify you can segment, target, and get more granular than ever. Start with automated data integration and end with campaign to revenue analytics.

Marketing Operations Customer: Jason Santo, Sr. Manager of Web and Email, Pax Asset Management

What Our Customers Are Saying

“It’s an excellent platform that a dedicated team of professionals has worked on specifically by listening to the needs of end-users. In marketing automation and data management, it seems crucial that platforms exhibit huge flexibility in how they relay data. Vertify allows that flexibility between sometimes rigid systems on both sides of the data chain.”

Jason Santo, Sr. Manager of Web and Email | Pax Asset Management

Marketing Operations

We know you have your hands full with the ownership of every platform in your martech stack. We’re here to help you not only trust your customer data, but to get the most out of it for your marketing operations.

  • Deliver trustworthy campaign to close reporting to leadership.
  • Get real-time access to the most up-to-date and clean data in your marketing automation platform.
  • Send leads that are at the right stage to sales with zero manual lift.
  • Be confident in the leads you are generating.
  • Understand how your campaigns are tied to revenue so you can adjust and get the most out of your spend.

Improve sales and marketing alignment by automating the connection and reporting of your revenue applications

Your System of Record

Eliminate Spreadsheets

Focus on Growth Not Report Building

Plug & Plan

Create Marketing Efficiencies

Marketing Operations: Revenue Impact Dashboard

Start with automated data integration and cleaning, then garner intelligence and behavioral intent analytics based on your customer and prospect data.

Data Automation Leads to Better Reporting.