Generate a Faster Time to Revenue with Automated Analytics

Measure marketing & sales impact on revenue in real-time with RevOptics Automated Analytics. RevOptics was built so B2B Revenue teams could optimize the buyers journey through the entire funnel.

Start with Automated Reporting and Expand into Prescriptive Analytics to Accelerate Time to Revenue

Revenue Impact Dashboard

Get rid of your spreadsheets. Create reports in no time. Understand campaign to close metrics in seconds.

Marketing Impact Analytics

Validate marketing impact on revenue by campaign, product, and activity type.
Impact is the better attribution.

Predictive Opportunity Analytics

Be the expert on pipeline health.
Never question pipeline health again.
Never miss your numbers.

Automated Analytics Customer: Kevin Keefe, Marketing Manager, CADimensions

“We’re no longer spending six hours a week doing the tedious task of analyzing and organizing our data. With Vertify’s help, we can now get that done in 30 minutes a week, which means that I’ve got five and a half hours back to devote to other projects.”


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Vertify was build for the entire revenue team, so we’ve tailored our product to fit your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RevOptics?

RevOptics is not just cool technology, a platform or a solution. It’s a new way of thinking for Revenue Teams that includes Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Finance and Operations. At the heart of that new way is the world class ability to automatically collect pertinent data through all of your revenue systems not just the CRM to provide more accurate answers, next best actions and confidence in your reporting and analytics. This new way of thinking goes beyond the table stakes of just showing how you performed but actually helping you to improve the results. Goodbye spreadsheet chaos and time consuming BI tools and processes.

Is RevOptics a data warehouse?

RevOptics is not a data warehouse. We do use virtual data warehousing technology to store raw and modeled data so that our analytics engine can query for reporting and insights.

Why is this better than spreadsheets?

Here are 3 pieces of content we’ve published recently that go into great detail on why RevOptics is better than spreadsheets:

Why is this better than traditional BI tools like Tableau, Power BI or Domo?

Traditional BI Tools are great at showing past performance and historical results with good visualizations. However, where they lack is in 3 areas in which RevOptics is very complimentary to those tools:

  • Data Diagnostics – Using machine learning to find problems with data including missing data, anomalies, or bad data.
  • Automated Analytics – Setup and configuration is automated. It doesn’t require additional resources to set up and maintain. 
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics – Next Best Actions 

Traditional BI tools are great at showing you where you’ve been. RevOptics does that plus it also helps you with where to go next and provides insights that actually help you to improve the results.

Why do I see a RevOptics link in RevConnect?

We’ve enabled RevOptics in your RevConnect Instance because it is part of the Vertify product. The menu item will show up if you integrate with the specific platforms we have launched in our RevOptics tool.

Why does it take me to a login page when I click the link?

RevOptics has been enabled in your instance, but it has not been configured. If you would like to have it configured, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Support.

What do I need to get the most out of RevOptics and to have it fully configured?

We currently support RevOptics for the following combinations, so if you have it we support it. We’re the only BI tool that is automated out of the box. No setup and no configuration. We use machine learning to detect your systems and build a data warehouse that correlates the needed data for revenue analytics.

  • NetSuite <> Marketo, Salesforce <> Marketo
    • Revenue collected from NetSuite or Salesforce
    • Leads, Activities, Programs, and Campaigns in Marketo
  • Salesforce <> Pardot
    • Revenue collected from Salesforce
    • Prospects, Campaign, VisitorActivity in Pardot
  • NetSuite <> HubSpot, Salesforce <> HubSpot
    • Revenue collected from NetSuite or Salesforce
    • Contact, ContactWebAnalytics, Campaign, Pages from HubSpot

How long before I can see actual results?

Setup is automated and Revenue Impact Dashboard and Marketing Impact Analytics results can typically be seen in 48 hours. In order to provide a precise model tailored to your business, Predictive Opportunity Analytics may take several weeks as we gather up to 2 years of historical customer behavior data.

I don’t see my systems supported. When will it be available?

  • Marketo <> Sugar, Target Date = September 2021
  • Marketo <> Zoho, Target Date = October 2021
  • Marketo <> Dynamics, Target Date = October 2021
  • HubSpot <> Dynamics, Target Date = November 2021
  • HubSpot <> Sugar, Target Date = December 2021

Need it sooner? Contact your Customer Success Manager or Support.

Is more data required to support RevOptics?

  • Marketo specific: For RevConnect, we optimize the integration so we collect less activity. For RevOptics, we want to show the full range of your Marketo Activity data, so we turn on bulk collections to grab more activities. 

Others: In addition, we also require some kind of revenue collection to display the reporting. In most instances, we are already collecting revenue to send to your marketing automation platform and no additional collections are needed. If we were not previously collecting revenue data, we would need to add those collections. We’ve optimized the collection process so that it doesn’t impact integration performance.

If I’m a RevConnect customer does RevOptics impact my integration?

  • Marketo specific: In the process of using the Marketo Bulk API, we increase your available tasks so that your Marketo integration is not impacted. If you use the bulk API for other integrations, please contact us so that we do not impact your bulk API limits. 
  • Generic: We increase the tasks available to run and collect any additional data. If there is a limit to how many API calls can be made, then we can run collections on a daily schedule during off hours to avoid impacting integration performance. 

How much setup time is needed?

Setup time is negligible. We use machine learning to match objects and fields from your revenue applications to tell the entire revenue story. We do allow for customizations once setup is complete.

Automated Analytics

With RevOptics, marketing and revenue professionals can now…

  • Improve time to revenue with Revenue Intelligence
  • Improve marketing and sales alignment
  • Prove the impact that your efforts have on actual revenue
  • Confidently adjust and defend your marketing budget
  • Eliminate spreadsheets and report in real-time
  • Drive more new bookings
  • Drive the ideal prospects in the door
  • Trust your reporting

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