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A Marketer with a Vision for Success

CADimensions’ mission is to provide their customers with value-added solutions that empower them to impact the world. And external success starts with cohesive internal execution.

MarTech Stack with Limitations: Marketo + NetSuite

CADimensions’ current tech-stack includes Marketo for marketing automation and NetSuite for CRM. This combination poses challenges, as Marketo has many native integrations with other tools like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, but no direct integration with NetSuite. Four years ago when Kevin Keefe, marketing manager at CADimensions, came on board and made the shift to Marketo, they faced the uphill battle to create the data bridge between the two systems. Met with this challenge, Kevin brought in Vertify.

“Since then, we’ve had an incredibly positive and beneficial working experience,” says Kevin about partnering with Vertify. “In fact, working with Vertify has been so terrific that we’ve expanded. What was initially the scope of just sharing the information back and forth between NetSuite and Marketo has now become incorporating more of Vertify’s tools [RevOptics] for even greater connection and integration.”

Kevin Keefe, Marketing Manager

Understanding Marketing’s Contribution to Revenue

Vertify knows that CADimensions needs to understand marketing’s contribution to revenue, which is exactly what the RevOptics tool offers. As Kevin puts it, “the holy grail of marketing is being able to directly tie back marketing contributions to revenue and understand exactly the impact that we’re having on the bottom line.” Kevin adds, “it’s not always a tangible thing to wrap your arms around, and having Vertify allows us to have a jumping-off point and a cross reference for how we calculate that data.”

Beyond Integration, CADimensions leverages RevOptics for ROI

With better sharing capabilities, predictive scoring analytics, and the ability to filter and categorize data, RevOptics has not only improved the quality of CADimensions’ data, but also the speed at which it can be analyzed and shared with their sales and marketing leadership so that everyone understands where their biggest contributions are and where improvements can be made. As a matter of fact, CADimensions uses this data as part of their key performance indicators at their monthly leadership meetings.

“We’re no longer spending six hours a week doing the tedious task of analyzing and organizing our data. With Vertify’s help, we can now get that done in 30 minutes a week, which means that I’ve got five and a half hours back to devote to other projects.”

Kevin Keefe, Marketing Manager

Meeting Revenue Goals and Growing the Business

According to CADimensions, all of Vertify’s automation solutions have ultimately helped them meet their revenue goals and grow their business. As Kevin explains, “it gave us the opportunity to step back and look at things that were taking hours and hours of manual time, and trying to find ways that we can streamline them, that we can automate them, that we can save ourselves time to be working on more important things — things that were going to actually lead to growth.” Thanks to their longtime commitment to data integration and automation solutions, CADimensions’ business is doing exactly that today — experiencing great growth.

The Vertify Revenue Operations Intelligence (ROI) platform turns disparate data into intelligent answers for every revenue team. With Vertify, take control of your future with next best action knowledge to better shape your strategy, allowing users to improve execution, forecast with confidence, and activate next level revenue growth. That’s ROI.