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Magento-Marketo Integration: How It Can Change Your Business

Here’s a “wow” projection: According to Statista, e-commerce will be the leading retail channel by 2022, with consumers forecasted to spend up to $4.8 trillion online. (Take that abandoned shopping cart!) Thus far, this economic boom is driven by a core set of independent e-commerce and marketing platforms. Are you one of the savvy business…

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Top 5 Marketing Analytics Metrics for the Revenue-Driven Team

In today’s business climate, what does it take to run an effective marketing program that successfully captures the attention of viable prospects and then converts them into long-term customers? Identifying your overall business goals and then tracking the key marketing metrics that align with those goals should be your top priority. After all, if you’re…

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Marketo Data Liberated with RevOptics

From reporting to analytics, unlock silos and platforms across your revenue team for true marketing impact. Securing budget and ensuring accuracy in reporting—your data journey is just as crucial as the customer journey. So don’t let valuable activity data hide behind a login or seat license. Unleash Marketo and give sales, customer success, even finance,…

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The Modern Revenue Team: Aligning Marketing Automation & Sales Enablement Systems

As the trend moves towards merging sales and marketing teams within companies to build revenue powerhouses, the alignment of sales and marketing systems takes on a new level of importance. Let’s break it down. Historically, the relationship between sales and marketing has been disjointed and distant, often resulting in unrealized goals and finger-pointing. While some…

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Which Marketing Automation Systems are the Best?

4 Assumptions to Avoid When Shopping for an MAS As your business grows, it only makes sense to invest in a marketing automation system to scale, repeat, and analyze your marketing efforts. After all, statistics show that 79% of high-performing companies have been using marketing automation for three or more years. But which marketing automation system is the best—Marketo,…

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Digital Marketing Gaps in the Financial Industry Leave Opportunity on the Table

After years of falling behind the “big data” bandwagon, the oil and gas sector is proving just how traditional, dinosaur-esque industries are able to leverage advanced marketing technologies to become dynamic players and outpace the market. But does this hold true for the financial services industry? According to the latest Digital Banking Report, the financial services…

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Vertify’s Top Austin Places for Tech Talk, Toddies, and Treats

As an Austin local, I’ve witnessed firsthand how this once college-centered city has morphed into a piquant metropolis. What’s different about our city is that it’s nuanced with one-of-a-kind eateries that are something to experience all on their own. Hipster food trucks, dim-lit taxidermied whiskey bars, boho-chic tapas restaurants, vying bbq joints, and the recent…

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