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Marketo Data Liberated with RevOptics

From reporting to analytics, unlock silos and platforms across your revenue team for true marketing impact.

Securing budget and ensuring accuracy in reporting—your data journey is just as crucial as the customer journey. So don’t let valuable activity data hide behind a login or seat license. Unleash Marketo and give sales, customer success, even finance, the ability to leverage Marketo data in reporting marketing’s impact on revenue and retention.

3 Ways to Use RevOptics and Marketo

While there are a ton of ways to take advantage of this powerful integration, here are some of our favorite benefits:

  • Build better smart lists through enhanced targeting.  
  • Increase cross-sell/upsell opportunities with existing customers through product analytics. 
  • Measure ROI against industry benchmarks across Programs, Campaigns and Activities. 

Using spreadsheets (88% of spreadsheets contain errors) or even native reporting can be adequate for some decisions, but often, data resides in siloed revstack systems. Empowering your people means being confident in the accuracy of information. Each team should have the ability to collaborate with shared data and leverage reporting to prove out value.

As of today, we’re thrilled to announce the Marketo integration for RevOptics which will boost your ability to meet and exceed your revenue objectives, but will also aid in the alignment of your sales team with marketing to achieve revenue team bliss.


With Marketo and RevOptics, your team will be able to bring to light on how your campaigns, programs and activities impact bottom line revenue, help to prioritize product and services offerings, and make you more accurate in your weekly, monthly or quarterly reporting.

Take a look at how this compelling solution will help improve revenue team results…

Automate the Monthly Reporting Process

When automation is missing in your revenue reporting, you can’t hope to evolve your overall business. With the Marketo integration, you can say so long to carefully crafting spreadsheets — get updates to your data automatically which in turn saves you time and grants you and your team a better ability to scale and focus on higher valued work (for example, when a new campaign in Marketo generates actual revenue by scanning the data in your CRM, that data is automatically added to the analytics).

In addition, with the RevOptics enhanced user experience, you can eliminate tasks from your Marketing Operations team while the rest of the sales and marketing team collaborate on shared data.

Boost the analytics reality

Over time, access to more and more data has increased exponentially. Getting the tools in place to make use of that data and turning it into information through analytics is integral to creating an environment that helps to outperform your competitors. Those analytics in turn deliver the insights needed to show the most value for your buyers along their purchasing journey.

Vertify RevOptics allows marketing teams to understand ROI more accurately so that you can prioritize not only how you spend time, but how you divide resources that best impact the revenue. 

Expedite product or service decisions

With this new integration, you and the revenue team can now execute on product decisions flawlessly. Because RevOptics does more to see and access data from not only Marketo, but your CRM and beyond, you can get closer to a 360 degree view of the buyer’s journey. This view can help make faster decisions when your company sells multiple products or services and those decisions in the current economy is critical. 

Lagniappe: Want to know how it feels to defend your marketing budget with confidence? Knowing that the data you’re presenting is accurate, trustworthy and insightful will not only help protect your budget, but also give you the clarity needed in revenue team decisions on what’s working and what’s not. You no longer have to make subjective decisions, guesses or worry about inaccurate results from a spreadsheet or a siloed martech system. 

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