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Vertify Steps in Where Marketing Automation Falls Short

At Vertify, we are focused on addressing the need for connecting data, connecting teams and connecting people during a time when bringing people together is more important than ever.

MarTech Stack with Limitations: Marketo + Mars CRM

A perfect example of how Vertify serves our customers in this capacity is our work with Impax Asset Management, a leading global investment manager. Impax partners with Vertify to bridge the gap between their marketing automation system, Marketo, and a highly niche financial services CRM by the name of Mars CRM

“I was interested in a much more elaborate set-up [than Marketo could provide] — one that works with time decay,” Jason explained.

Jason Santo, Sr Manager, Email & Web Development

Data Retention is Crucial

In a recent conversation with Jason Santo, Impax’s senior manager of web and email development, we discussed how when programming and working within the confines of Marketo, Jason discovered that the system’s 90-day data retention wasn’t enough to meet the demands of their typical 15-month sales cycle. As a result, Jason and his team essentially broke beyond the barriers of Marketo and developed a unique time decay lead-scoring system that serves their company well. Within this system, leads move every three months from one list to another, based on a complex point value method. This means that an optimal number of valid leads are constantly being funneled to the appropriate sales team members, enhancing the connection between Impax and their customers.

“I was interested in a much more elaborate set-up — one that works with time decay,” Jason explained. “Rather than just applying points every time somebody takes the same activity over and over again, like in an aggregate set-up, we limit and put a threshold on things using a time decay. This way there won’t be these drastic spikes that can sometimes be caused by false positives.”

When data older than what Marketo has available is needed for this time-decay sales intelligence, Impax seeks support from Vertify. Vertify’s integration tool brings all of the data back together to keep valuable lead-scoring information available and accessible for Impax’s full sales cycle. 

“When [our marketing automation] falls short, we turn to Vertify. Vertify has been essential in making the two systems — Marketo and Mars CRM — talk. They worked with us to bring the two together and loop everything for access to some historical data points. It really helped a great deal.”

Jason Santo, Sr Manager, Email & Web Development

Data and Platform Integration to Impact Revenue

Vertify loves working with our clients to connect data, connect teams and ultimately connect people. We’re passionate about empowering our customers to make their techstack platforms work harder and more efficiently through expanding various functionalities. By providing Impax Asset Management with effective data integration tools, we are ultimately helping them drive their business forward. That’s a win for all of us.

“The gift of Vertify is that it allows you to not only connect to your CRM, but it also allows you to utilize the data and look at it differently — way more intelligently. That’s what’s nice about having their integration tool,” added Jason.

The Vertify Revenue Operations Intelligence (ROI) platform turns disparate data into intelligent answers for every revenue team. With Vertify, take control of your future with next best action knowledge to better shape your strategy, allowing users to improve execution, forecast with confidence, and activate next level revenue growth. That’s ROI.