Marketo Engage and NetSuite Integrations: The Winning Solution

By: Brandon Schulte, VP of Marketing Technology at Zirous

It’s estimated that digital ad spend for lead generation soared past $3 billion in 2023

Yet, according to Forbes, generating quality leads perpetually ranks as the biggest challenge for marketers, with 58% identifying leads as their top challenge. On the sales side it isn’t much better, with Hubspot finding that only 28% of sales leaders use automation for lead scoring. 

Working in the marketing technology space for the past fifteen years, these statistics aren’t surprising even though we routinely work with clients that have invested in best-of-breed solutions like Adobe, Oracle, Microsoft and Salesforce

One of our most popular use cases are customers that use Marketo Engage as their marketing automation solution and NetSuite as their CRM/ERP. Both have separated themselves as best-of-breed apps within B2B marketing and sales spaces. These apps are purpose-built to help mid-market and enterprise companies keep up and accelerate growth. However, just having these solutions in house as line items on your budget does not guarantee success. Achieving success with these powerful solutions requires adoption and a seamless and efficient sync between them.

Integrating Marketo Engage and NetSuite presents a compelling avenue for organizations seeking to streamline their marketing and sales operations, fostering a more cohesive and efficient business ecosystem. The convergence of these powerful platforms holds the promise of enhanced customer relationship management, robust marketing automation, and seamless data synchronization. As businesses aim to deliver personalized experiences to their audience and gain a competitive edge, the integration of Marketo Engage and NetSuite becomes pivotal.

Vertify’s Marketo Sales Insights portlet within NetSuite.

Amidst the promises, however, lie intricate challenges such as data consistency, system compatibility, and the need for meticulous planning to ensure a harmonious ecosystem. Striking the right balance between harnessing the opportunities and navigating the challenges is key to unlocking the full potential of this integration and achieving a holistic approach to customer engagement and business growth.

One integration platform that stands out as the best solution to help companies both realize the benefits and overcome the challenges of a Marketo and Netsuite integration is Vertify

Winning With Marketo Engage and NetSuite

Achieving success with Marketo Engage and NetSuite hinges on establishing the right synchronization or connection between these robust solutions. It’s not just about integrating two platforms; it’s about ensuring they work harmoniously to drive efficiency, productivity, and meaningful insights. If marketers and salespeople do not have the information they need when they need it, they simply will not adopt the use of the solution you have put in front of them. 

And can you blame them? The fact of the matter is, the value of each of these solutions and the functionality within them is only as powerful as the data that is fueling them. 

The Best Option

When exploring integration options, there are many options on the market. However, we have found that the clear frontrunner in the market is Vertify due to both its functionality and Vetify’s deep and purposeful partnership with Marketo Engage. Unlike surface-level sales partnerships, Vertify and Marketo Engage are connected at the product partnership level, ensuring they are purpose-built for each other’s success. Additionally, Vertify can be sold on the Marketo sales order, streamlining the buying process. 

Vertify’s approach is rooted in a commitment to providing a personalized integration experience. Its partnership with Marketo Engage goes beyond mere collaboration; it’s a strategic alignment that ensures the seamless flow of data and insights between the platforms. This commitment translates into a solution that is tailored for the specific needs and goals of businesses utilizing both Marketo Engage and NetSuite. 

How Vertify Works

Configuring Vertify for a personalized integration is a straightforward process. It allows synchronization of custom fields, objects, and lists based on your preferences. The integration at the record level is heavily influenced by your NetSuite CRM structure and configuration. Vertify accommodates three core options for configuring lead tracking in NetSuite CRM:

  1. Lead Conversion from Individual People to Companies with Contacts
  2. Leads Treated as Companies with Contacts
  3. Leads Treated as Individual People

Key Highlights of the Vertify Integration

The integration between Marketo and NetSuite through Vertify is supported by a dedicated Vertify bundle within your NetSuite account. This bundle acts as the neurological connection, facilitating the seamless transfer of Marketo application data in and out of NetSuite.

The bundle is made up of the following components:

  • Sales Insight Dashboard: Vertify’s Sales Insight Dashboard provides dynamic updates on the Marketo Lead Score and recent Interesting Moments/Marketo Activities within NetSuite. This real-time functionality proves to be a game-changer for sales reps, enhancing productivity and win rates, because it takes the guesswork out of which leads the reps should be focusing on. 
  • Marketo Activity Feed: A constantly updated list of all Marketo activities associated with leads is available within the NetSuite context. Sales reps gain a custom activity view of their leads, fostering a deeper understanding of customer engagement.
  • Custom Marketo View, Fields, Lists, and Records: Additional custom views, fields, lists, and records are also included in the bundle to provide additional context for salespeople and support for the Marketo Engage – NetSuite integration. 

Zirous’ Perspective – A Vertify and Marketo Partner

Zirous is a technology services company with 35+ years in business and boasts 1.5 million hours of implementation experience with 60+ certifications across a wide variety of platforms. As a trusted partner of both Vertify and Adobe, we believe that Vertify is the best solution for connecting Marketo and NetSuite due to its seamless integration, unmatched features, and commitment to customer success. The partnership between Vertify and Marketo Engage aligns perfectly with Zirous’ dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions.

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