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Benefits of Data Integration for Marketo and Adobe Commerce

If you’re a marketing manager, you know how important it is to have accurate and up-to-date customer data. Without it, you can’t hope to create effective marketing campaigns. You’ve got your CRM, ERP, and maybe even a few custom applications specific to your industry. But what about online marketing? Chances are you’re using various tools…

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Announcing ICP Analytics

Personalized experiences are taking over the world. The number of interactions that take place  both physically and virtually is compounding exponentially. We think of personalization as a long standing thing but it’s only in its infancy. For those willing to visualize a new way to relate person to person, or organization to organization, the outlook…

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Feature Launch – Pivot by Lead Source

Introducing Lead Source Analytics Today, Vertify is announcing the launch of a new feature: Pivot by Lead Source. It’s the second automated pivot in Marketing Impact Analytics but received the highest demand amongst our users. We believe it’s going to be revolutionary for companies grappling with questions around where to invest their marketing dollars next.…

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Use Case – End of Quarter Marketing Planning…and Review

September is finally upon us and fall is about to be in full swing. Unless you live in Austin like most of the Vertify Team and the trees are not quite turning colors yet.  Consider yourself lucky if they are. For most organizations that follow a calendar quarter, now is the time to start reviewing…

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Revenue Operations Intelligence: Drilling Down into Marketing Impact

The energy put into demand gen and campaigns doesn’t add up to a lot if you don’t have a good mix of inbound and outbound activity If you’ve been utilizing spreadsheets to understand some of your key marketing metrics, that’s a good start.  However, you need to ask yourself if you’re digging deep enough to…

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5 Database Hygiene Best Practices You can Apply Today

Before Database Hygiene Best Practices, Let’s Go Over The Basics According to Mercury, creative digital experts, 45% of marketers don’t validate their data for quality and accuracy, and 62% use incomplete or invalid prospect data. These numbers may give you an idea of how “dirty data” could stand in your way, driving a wedge between…

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3 Steps You Should Take in Your New RevOps Role

3 Steps You Should Take in Your New RevOps Role. New to RevOps? Did your company just bring on funding or have a good year of growth and is now looking to form a true RevOps function for full circle revenue alignment? Did they promote you into this new RevOps role?  Don’t panic. In the…

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Marketing Change Agent: Cut Through the Cloud

Marketing Change Agent: Cut Through the Cloud Become a change agent for marketing today. How Marketing Cuts Through the Cloud will show you, step by step, how to make an impact on revenue while keeping up with marketing trends.

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Improving Time to Revenue

The True Pulse of an Organization Let’s place a wager. My bet — you do not have an accurate measurement in place that tells you the time it takes your prospect to become a customer, from first touch (whether it be website interaction, email, event, or digital) to last touch. Would I be right? Perhaps…

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