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Vertify Enables Activity Based Follow Up for Sales

The proof is in the Demo:

Salespeople are busy. Between calls, emails, and demos, it’s easy to lose track of which leads need the most attention. Vertify changes that.

Vertify’s secret weapon for activity-based sales follow up lies in its powerful combination of data management and data orchestration. Here’s how it works:

1. Real-Time Marketing Data: Vertify acts as a central hub for your revenue tech stack. Marketing data, including website visits, form submissions, and email interactions, flows seamlessly from marketing automation tools into Vertify in real-time.

2. Data Orchestration for Sales Triggers: Vertify doesn’t just store data; it orchestrates it. The platform analyzes incoming marketing data and triggers pre-defined workflows based on specific activities. For example, if a lead visits a particular product page or downloads a white paper, Vertify can automatically flag that lead for sales follow-up.

3. Activity-Based Follow-Up Prompts: This is where the magic happens. Vertify uses the orchestrated marketing data to prompt sales reps with activity-based follow-up tasks. Did a lead show high engagement but hasn’t converted? Vertify can send a notification reminding the rep to reach out with a personalized message.

The Benefits:

  • Focus on Qualified Leads: Sales reps only receive follow-up prompts for leads who have shown genuine interest, eliminating wasted effort on cold prospects.
  • Right Timing, Right Message: Vertify ensures follow-up happens when the lead is most engaged, increasing the chances of a successful conversion.
  • Seamless Workflow: The automated nature of Vertify’s data orchestration frees up sales reps to focus on building relationships and closing deals.

By combining real-time marketing data with intelligent data orchestration, Vertify empowers sales teams to prioritize their follow-up efforts and close more deals.

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