Customer Success Story: Mentoring Minds

Mentoring Minds, a growing online company that sells educator resources, implemented a customized version of Magento for their e-commerce platform. The challenge with this version of Magento is that its native integration component isn’t able to automatically sync data with a marketing automation system. The customer would either have to copy and paste data manually from its site to other applications or find an outsourced data integration tool that would eliminate the manual transfer of data along with the potential for human error.

Automated Data Management Considerations

Data accuracy, integrity, formatting, and automation were key concerns. As a data-centric ecommerce company, data UX was also a critical requirement.

Automation Relief from Vertify

Mentoring Minds implemented Vertify’s iPaas tool for automated, real-time data integration with minimal disruption.

  • Automation: By utilizing the change data capture method (CDC), Mentoring Minds is able to sync data between all of its applications (Magento, Marketo, and Netsuite) without manual transfer or waiting until an entire data set is transferred. Instead, change data capture method finds individual data changes and applies those changes to all the applications connected to their integration platform in real time. This capability saved Mentoring Minds 3-4 hours worth of manual work per day while ensuring the highest level of data integrity.
  • Data integrity considerations: To address data integrity, the change data capture method allowed Mentoring Minds’ data to sync instantaneously between all connected applications which provides them with the most up-to-date and accurate data at any given time.
  • Data UX consideration: Vertify’s customer data management platform streamlines processes by centralizing the control of data administration and management functions. By leveraging this platform, Mentoring Minds can easily access aggregated data from various applications all in one central hub and manipulate customer data as needed.
  • Formatting: Vertify’s integration tool contains data transformation capabilities to ensure each system understands the other, without any need for coding. All it requires is a few clicks by any line of business user. For instance if a phone number, url, or date is represented one way in the source application, Vertify has the ability to format the data the way that the target system cares about. System A date may be YYYY-MM-DD, but System B needs it to be M,D,YY. Mentoring Minds business unit is now taking full advantage of these capabilities with great success.