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Partner Program Launch to Customers

Today we’re excited to announce the official launch of Vertify’s Partner Program. Believe it or not, our company had its roots established through partnerships. We’ve grown our partners organically over the years but now we’re making a concerted effort to do so strictly for the benefit of you, our customers. 

Over the last quarter, we’ve worked on crafting relationships with a handful of services partners, technology partners, and industry experts, collecting feedback and uncovering what works.

The partner program was designed for organizations that guide customers to consider, implement and adopt Vertify as part of their Revenue initiatives, ultimately ensuring these customers have a successful experience and maximize their investment.

Benefits of Partnerships to You

The structure of this partner program offers transparency to understand how you as our customer can get the greatest value to assist with the needed results to your organization.

Benefits include:

  • Reducing operational spend and creating operational efficiencies
  • Access to best practices and strategic thought leadership
  • Improving sales, marketing, revenue, or customer success processes
  • Tapping into short and long-term growth levers

All of our partners in the Vertify ecosystem are vetted and certified to ensure consistency of delivery and value alignment.

Common use cases to leverage our partners:

  • Short and long-term data projects
  • Ongoing operations through managed service

We’ve created a framework that profiles partners to ensure a match between geography, systems, industry, function, and other criteria. You’ll begin to see a collection of new enablement, product updates, and industry specific solutions as we introduce new partners. Our belief is that when Vertify’s technology and expertise are combined with the right services it can help your organization reach new heights without wasting time.

Don’t forget to check out our RevOps Community. Many of our partners will be answering questions and providing insights about strategy, processes, talent, and a host of other topics, all for free!

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