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Partnership Brings World Class RevOps Automation to France

Vertify, a RevOps Automation Company and Adobe OEM Partner, and Merlin/Leonard, a marketing consulting firm, and Bronze Adobe Solution Partner based out of France, have joined in a partnership. The partnership will combine Vertify’s workflow automation, integration, and data quality software solutions with Merlin/Leonard’s martech expertise in the European Marketo ecosystem.

MerlinLeonard Vertify Testimonial
Merlin/Leonard Vertify Testimonial

Who is Merlin/Leonard?

Merlin/Leonard aims to bring magic and genius to our customers for their marketing. We are a French marketing consulting firm specializing in the Marketo marketing automation platform and the Martech stack. We support you, large corporations and SMEs, in the development and implementation of your marketing strategy to deliver a memorable customer experience.

The Future of Merlin/Leonard

Marketing maturity is an everlasting journey where you have to bring together strategy with a vision, integrated technology, inspirational contents, people and training… to create a memorable customer experience. We choose brick by brick an integrated technological ecosystem around Marketo that allows our customers to accelerate their journey. Vertify is an important piece of the puzzle as Vertify brings a way to connect Marketo and CRMs in a fast, reliable, almost out-of-the box way.

Why Merlin/Leonard?

We love to bring our customers to the next marketing maturity level and make them autonomous on the technical solutions. Our customers love our set of trainings on Marketo, the possibility to call us anytime and be invoiced by the hour, and the fact that they will always find an expert and kind help. We also offer one hour of free support on Marketo every Thursday at 12PM CEST.

What this means for revenue organizations in France

The benefits of RevOps automation in the context of marketing automation and marketing ops are not just a trend but a shift in how real world organizations are changing. When considering companies are now adopting best-of-breed systems for their revenue stack (not walled gardens where CRM, marketing automation, and others are all in one), there is a need for expertise on the strategy and service side to work in tandem with technology to bring it all together, ensuring a seamless customer journey. This is why the partnership between Vertify and Merlin/Leonard is so important. 

The French marketing software market is expected to grow roughly 20% over the next 8-10 years and Vertify + Merlin/Leonard together are well positioned to offer a high level of support for companies in dire need of automation to workflows that include lead management, sales personalization, revenue reporting, and others while providing the comfort of data security and protection.

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