Quick Tips for Selling with Vertify and Synthio

Automate workflows, connect platforms, and access data across an organization!

Consider Vertify when talking to prospects/customers about:

  • Needing access to other platforms; ex. eCommerce, ERP, CRM, event marketing, analytics, data warehouse, etc.
  • Integrating current MarTech stack for a more complete picture
  • Eliminating manual processes; ex. exporting/importing manual lists/files
  • Any unique fields, think Vertify! 

Marketo prospect and customers should consider Vertify when they need an integration solution without access to IT or engineering resources and one that is as unique as they are…Vertify is the strongest choice when moving custom objects and fields between platforms.

Expand contact database with clean information!

Consider Synthio when talking to prospects/customers about:

  • Overcompliance on a current contact band
  • Adding large numbers of prospects to their Marketo instance
  • A need to cleanse/enrich their contact database
  • Having bounce issue and need to verify and correct email addresses

Marketo prospects and customers should consider Synthio for new prospects, if they are migrating to Marketo for the first time or from another MAP instance, cleanse the data before putting it into a new MAP.