RevOps Automation

Three Ways RevOps Improves Customer Experience With Automation

Providing an exceptional customer experience has become a top priority for organizations across industries, and rightfully so. To achieve this, companies are turning to Revenue Operations (RevOps) and automation as powerful tools to improve customer satisfaction and drive growth. In this article, we will explore three key ways RevOps can enhance customer experience through automation.…

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B2B Buyers Journey

Orchestrating the B2B Buyer’s Journey: Operations Teams Win With Automation

In today’s digital age, businesses are striving to provide exceptional customer experiences to stay competitive in the market. One crucial aspect of delivering such experiences is orchestrating the B2B buyer’s journey. By seamlessly guiding buyers through their purchasing process, operations teams can significantly impact a company’s success. This article explores the key benefits of automating…

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Commerce Platform Cleans Data & Eliminates Silos

Since 2000, FreedomPay has grown from a pioneer in payments technology to becoming the innovation partner of choice. Their core objective when working with Vertify was to establish a seamless, multi-directional data integration between their essential platforms: Marketo, NetSuite, and Salesloft. Their primary aim was to facilitate the movement of marketing and sales data between…

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Cast UK

Make Data Actionable: Build Sales Cadences Within Salesloft

Headquartered in Manchester, Cast UK is renowned for sourcing top-tier talent in sectors like Logistics, Supply Chain, and Transport for various employers. Their core objective was to establish a seamless, bidirectional data synchronization between their essential platforms: Bullhorn and Salesloft. Their primary aim was to facilitate the movement of data between systems, utilizing Bullhorn as…

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Use Case – What We Did When Marketing Win Rate Was Decreasing

Sales Team We’ve historically been a partner and sales sourced company. Oddly enough we had success in 2020 shifting to more marketing sourced so that we could have a healthier ratio AND a more cost effective ratio. We started 2021 off at 50% for our Marketing Win Rate. We have a pretty strong sales team…

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