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Make Data Actionable: Build sales cadences within Salesloft

Headquartered in Manchester, Cast UK is renowned for sourcing top-tier talent in sectors like Logistics, Supply Chain, and Transport for various employers. Their core objective was to establish a seamless, bidirectional data synchronization between their essential platforms: Bullhorn and Salesloft. Their primary aim was to facilitate the movement of data between systems, utilizing Bullhorn as their fundamental source of truth, and the end goal was to build comprehensive sales cadences within Salesloft while ensuring that all activities and critical information seamlessly flowed back into Bullhorn.

Integration is the answer

Through Vertify, Cast UK implemented a robust and highly configurable integration strategy, linking Bullhorn and Salesloft for the transfer of Accounts, Contacts, and crucial Notes. Cast UK leveraged Vertify’s capabilities to orchestrate the following critical automations:

  • Bullhorn’s Client Corporation data seamlessly synchronized with Salesloft’s Account records.

  • The transfer of Bullhorn’s Client Contact information populated Salesloft’s People entries.

  • An effective bidirectional data flow was configured, ensuring Salesloft Activities and Notes directly aligned with Bullhorn’s records for accurate tracking and reporting.

The results

The implementation of Vertify has significantly empowered Cast UK’s recruiting team. They now possess the ability to access and relay precise customer information seamlessly between Bullhorn, their point of truth, and Salesloft. The critical success lies in their capability to accurately track interactions and notes associated with each customer within Bullhorn, even as the recruitment process unfolds within Salesloft. This allows for heightened personalization and expansion.

This cohesion between their recruiting and sales systems has not only streamlined operations, but has also elevated the efficiency and accuracy of their team’s efforts. The seamless data movement facilitated by Vertify has resulted in improved insights, allowing the team to make more informed decisions and enhance their overall performance.

The bottom line

Cast UK’s experience showcases the immense value of Vertify in bridging the gap between disparate systems, empowering teams with cohesive, reliable, and synchronized data sets.

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Cast UK

Cast UK are a specialist recruitment consultancy based in Manchester, recruiting the best talent in Logistics, Supply Chain, Transport & more for employers. Click here to connect or learn more!