Vertify Closes Seed Round


With $750k seed round, Vertify to solve the technology misalignment problem between sales and marketing.

AUSTIN, Texas, September 20, 2019 — ​Vertify Inc.​, the thriving​ ​dynamic customer intelligence platform, has announced the close of a ​$750,000 seed round​, positioning the company for even more rapid growth! In just the past quarter, Vertify has added industry veterans David Perdue, CTO; Lacey Miller, Director of Marketing; and Steve Hernandez, Senior Engineer. With almost $1 million raised, the company plans to hire several positions at a variety of levels within the next six months as they increase market share and enhance their ​product offerings​.

Today, the Vertify customer intelligence platform (VCIP) enables companies to sync data between core enterprise systems without the need for internal engineering resources. Focused on the relationship between marketing and sales, Vertify’s drag-and-drop technology allows teams to create permanent connections between their marketing systems (HubSpot, Marketo, etc.), CRMs (Salesforce, SugarCRM, NetSuite, etc.), and other important mission critical sources of data. With VCIP, marketers have access to shared intelligence, allowing for simplicity in connecting revenue to marketing efforts, while sales teams achieve faster close times by leveraging true predictive opportunity information.

“The Vertify relationship is about investing in a dynamic team that has a purpose built passion for marketing and sales intelligence,” said Dave Lambert, Managing Director at Right Side Capital Management. “It’s no longer an option to implement any platform in a silo or trap valuable data behind single-user accounts. Cross-team collaboration is essential, especially for revenue focused teams. Vertify is evolving the relationship between sales and marketing by allowing both to connect their platforms seamlessly, sharing valuable customer and prospect information. This market evolution is inevitable and invaluable and we know the Vertify team is going to solve the technology misalignment problem between sales and marketing.”

Solving the problem that an overpopulated technology market creates has already attracted a strong customer base, which helped Vertify build their foundation without outside funding. But now ready for exponential growth, and with interest from investors all over the country, Vertify has decided to take on the funding that will allow the company to advance the product and hire the best of the best.

“Vertify has a strong technology foundation that has allowed us to remain bootstrapped for a long time,” revealed Matt Klepac, CEO of Vertify. “But now, we’re ready for the next chapter and are excited to welcome investment from Right Side Capital to the Austin market! Capturing the attention of investors from the Bay Area is an incredible part of our story. And we look forward to using this seed round to focus on intense rapid growth while advancing the AI and machine learning of the sales and marketing analytics platform we’ve built.”

Vertify has hundreds of customers in the data unification market. This investment is propelling them into the future with their customer intelligence platform, which will align sales and marketing by supplying better information where marketing and salespeople need it and want it most. With predictive opportunity scoring based on robust customer data sets and ABM measurement, marketing can make better campaign decisions based on science, and sales can close more business faster without wasting time on low quality leads.

For all press inquiries, contact: Lacey V. Miller Director of Marketing 512-903-6913 Vertify, Inc.