Vertify Launches 3 New Connectors in Q1 2019

New connectors enhance the already robust Vertify offering

AUSTIN, Texas, March 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Vertify Inc., a smart customer data management company, today announced the addition of 3 new connectors, LiveRamp, Splash, and Acumatica which enhance connections between systems for their clients. Vertify has made a name for itself in the Customer Data Management marketplace and the addition of these connections will help to empower its customers to have a better-connected ecosystem which leads to closing more deals quicker and connecting with customers better.

These recent builds bring Vertify’s connector inventory to over 83 different connections for today’s business user to tap into. By adding connectors for systems such as Splash, Vertify is empowering marketers to connect their event data with their Marketing Automation system such as Marketo or HubSpot. By connecting LiveRamp to Marketo, customers can now have a better grasp on identity data while enhancing 1st party data insights and activating audiences faster.

“When our customers connect CRM/ERP systems like Acumatica with their Marketing Automation system they empower their sales teams to close deals 65% faster,” said Matt Klepac, CEO of Vertify.

Klepac has been at the helm since 2018. With a recent leadership change, shift in product innovation focus, key infrastructure changes, and a clearly defined vision, Klepac feels Vertify is poised for rapid expansion and disruptive innovation.

“Our product fuels better connections for our customers,” said Wayne Lopez, VP Product. “Building new connectors that allow our customers to have an integrated ecosystem which generates more predictive revenue and better customer connections is why we do what we do. We are ignited by our customers success and will continue to innovate so they can accomplish even more.”