Vertify and Skaled Aim to Grow Opportunities Together

Who is Skaled?

Skaled is a world-class management and revenue consulting provider offering Revenue Strategy, Operations, and Enablement services. They bring over 350,000 hours of combined strategic leadership and tactical operations experience to every engagement, backed by measurable results.

Skaled is largely known to global sales organizations as the leading modern revenue acceleration consultancy. 

Successful revenue organizations are extremely smart about every part of their revenue operations. A consultancy like Skaled makes it simple by taking a 360 degree approach to those operations by providing both strategic guidance and tactical execution on the recommendations and roadmap they put in place for 1,000s of recognizable brands.

Vertify announces partnership with Skaled

We’re ecstatic to say, for many of those same organizations, it’s no longer just about services from Skaled, it’s about getting access to accompanying technology that provides the foundation for many of those services. 

“The way we build sales organizations and drive sales is changing at an all time, rapid pace. Organizations will need to re-imagine the way we build processes and integrate our systems to account for what is possible today. Tools like Vertify allow sales and revenue organizations to streamline processes and their tools to optimize their effectiveness and do more with less.” per Jake Dunlap, Skaled CEO.

Sales Organizations transitioning to Revenue Organizations use Skaled

The world’s savviest sales organizations have expanded their need to utilize revenue operations and it’s guiding principles while growing their businesses. Vertify is elated to partner with Skaled to grow the underlying transition of those businesses for their joint customers. 

Vertify and Skaled will work together to implement the Vertify automation and integration platform which then enables the strategy and processes that Skaled has recommended for global sellers. Vertify customers will have the option to work with Skaled’s team even when the technology implementation is not needed. They will get access to best practices and thought leadership on a project basis, managed service or even fractional basis. 

“We are excited to partner with Skaled to offer our customers a comprehensive sales enablement solution that combines the power of Vertify RevOps automation with their expertise in sales process design and execution,” says Cortney Smith, VP of Sales at Vertify. “This partnership will allow our customers to accelerate their sales velocity, improve their win rates, and achieve their revenue goals.”

Catch both organizations locally

Vertify is also teaming up with Skaled on local events both in Austin and beyond “city limits”. The Vertify and Skaled relationship was formed at sales enablement conferences so there’s a reason to continue working together in that same vein through interactive and educational workshops in person.  

Start working with Skaled and Vertify today

If you’ve thought about how to standardize sales data and processes, ensure you meet lead conversion goals through automation or eliminate data entry and redundant tasks, now is a good time to engage with the Vertify and Skaled joint partnership. The team can help you to:

  • Automate Outbound Management
  • Generate Accurate and Quality Data Analytics
  • Sales Personalization
  • Cross-Sell and Upsell Automation

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