Customer Story: How Vertify’s Bullhorn and Salesloft Integration Revolutionized Healthcare Staffing

In the fast-paced world of healthcare staffing, where time and precision are of the essence, finding the perfect balance between customer relationship management and sales engagement can often feel like an intricate dance. This is the story of how one of the world’s leading healthcare staffing companies not only mastered this dance but elevated it to a whole new level of efficiency and success. At the heart of this transformation was a strategic decision to integrate two powerful platforms: Bullhorn and SalesLoft. Both platforms were individually delivering value, but the company recognized that true synergy lay in breaking down the silos that often separate critical processes.

Let’s delve into their journey and explore how Vertify made it all possible.

The Challenge: Bridging Disparate Processes Across 11 Brands

Managing a vast enterprise encompassing 11 distinct brands can be a logistical nightmare. Each brand operates with its own unique business processes, rules of engagement, and configuration requirements. The company had already adopted Bullhorn as their CRM and primary source of truth, leveraging its capabilities to manage candidates, leads, and contacts.

Meanwhile, the allure of SalesLoft’s robust sales engagement features was hard to ignore. The challenge was evident – how to seamlessly integrate the power of SalesLoft’s cadences and automation with Bullhorn’s data repository, without disrupting the intricate processes that defined each brand.

The Solution: Vertify’s Bridge to Bullhorn and Salesloft Harmony

Enter Vertify, a solution that specializes in connecting data across different platforms to create streamlined workflows. The magic began with a simple yet ingenious process. Recruiters at the company would curate their focused list of candidates, leads, and contacts within Bullhorn, organizing them into a tearsheet. This tearsheet served as the starting point for a journey that would transform their engagement strategy.

Vertify stepped in to effortlessly transfer these curated records between Bullhorn and SalesLoft. Not only did Vertify manage this data integration, but it also automatically assigned the right records to the appropriate recruiter and cadence within SalesLoft. For those new to the concept, a cadence in SalesLoft is a series of orchestrated sales steps designed to mirror the sales process, thereby ensuring consistency across engagements.

Adding Personalized Flair: Tailored Outreach and Insights

A key facet of this integration was the ability for recruiters to further fine-tune their outreach. Vertify empowered recruiters to include these records in additional cadences within SalesLoft, enabling personalized and automated follow-up emails. This dynamic approach ensured that every engagement felt tailor-made, even within a highly automated framework.

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Completing the Circle: From Engagement to Insights

A holistic integration isn’t just about engagement; it’s about insights too. Vertify seamlessly funneled sales activities, calls, and emails back into Bullhorn, laying the foundation for comprehensive reporting and analytics. Suddenly, the company had a real-time view of how their engagement strategies were performing, enabling data-driven decision making that further refined their approach.

Results: Speed, Efficiency, and Revenue

The impact of this integration was nothing short of transformational. By harmonizing Bullhorn’s recruiting management prowess with SalesLoft’s engagement finesse, the company unlocked a new realm of efficiency. Recruiters now seamlessly transitioned from identifying promising candidates to engaging them in a personalized and timely manner.

This translated to impressive metrics – speed to lead, streamlined processes, and, ultimately, speed to revenue. The once complex dance between CRM and engagement became a well-choreographed masterpiece that resonated with both the recruiters and the candidates they engaged.

Your Turn: Crafting Your Success Story

The journey of this healthcare staffing company is a testament to the untapped potential within your own operations. Imagine a world where your CRM and engagement platforms seamlessly collaborate, enhancing every touchpoint with your prospects. Whether you’re in healthcare staffing or any other industry, Vertify’s bridge could be the missing piece that transforms your workflows.

Our team at Vertify is excited to embark on a journey tailored to your unique needs. Let’s explore how we can align your processes, elevate your engagements, and drive tangible results. Just like our success story here, your story could be the next one we proudly share. Get in touch today and let’s turn potential into reality!