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Connect Seamlessly, Automate Insights with Vertify for NetSuite

Analytics software should connect seamlessly and accurately with your CRM, ERP, sales engagement platform, etc.—all to move your revenue team forward. Also, one step further, intelligence tools should be easy and collaborative to propel employee productivity, not hinder it behind complicated tech.

That is why Vertify is ecstatic to announce our latest RevOptics connection with NetSuite. This allows organizations to analyze customer data while gaining all the benefits that come with the most accurate Revenue Operations Intelligence platform on the market.

Whether you’re growing faster than what spreadsheets can handle, or looking for a more streamlined way to leverage revenue data, with Vertify RevOptics and NetSuite, you have more options to advance any sized sales, marketing, and revenue teams.

Here’s how you can supercharge your revenue data by connecting Vertify and NetSuite:

Automated Analytics

This featured connection offers a way to directly connect RevOptics with your version of NetSuite. With NetSuite as the system of record for most customer data, revenue data combined with your marketing system is gathered to a single source of truth and powered by our fast and configurable intelligence platform.

Sales and marketing teams no longer have to map or synchronize NetSuite data—the entire process is automated giving complete visibility into revenue intelligence. This allows your revenue team to get the most from both RevOptics and NetSuite, empowering your organization to make better sales and marketing decisions.

Integrates with Top Marketing Platforms

Every organization is unique, but this is especially true for those that use NetSuite as a CRM or ERP. We have successfully implemented hundreds of integrations for organizations with simple to complex data integration needs.

As most tech stacks need more configuration than the typical NetSuite platform allows, Vertify has pre-built integrations with marketing platforms such as HubSpot and Marketo that use smart technology to match your marketing data to sales and customer data. No matter how you’ve set up and organized your sync between them, Vertify RevOptics uses its underlying integration technology to unify all data including custom fields in order to provide accurate analytics.

Plus, Vertify is constantly scanning for new data, fields and objects and automatically making them available for your analytics. This gives you the freedom to grow along your data journey without being concerned about having to rethink your entire mapping and syncing strategy.

More than Reports: Insights

Using our advanced machine learning capabilities, your revenue team can get insights not just static reports. Having technology that can process things much faster than humans, RevOptics will give you real-time insight into customer data—so you can make smarter revenue decisions faster.

As one of the top ERP and CRM providers combined, Oracle NetSuite is an esteemed partner for revolutionizing how organizations operate, so they can achieve their overall vision. Vertify is thrilled to have the privilege of empowering more organizations with profound visibility into marketing impact, while using applications they already know and trust.