Content Creation: Gearing Up for the Future

So we’ve talked about best practices for content marketers, but we haven’t really touched on just HOW to generate good content creation. If you want to produce great content, it’s time to leave ordinary behind and start creating unique and meaningful content that demands attention – especially in a competitive, crowded environment. Content creation falls second only to the contacts you are targeting.

Content creation that is effective is WHAT you say, HOW you say it, how it expresses WHO you are as a business, and how it connects you with your target audience. If your organization is great at content creation, you will captivate your readers just as well with a 5-minute video, a 280-character tweet or a 1000-word blog post. With great content, your audience will value your perspective, appreciate an original and easy-to-understand voice, and they’ll consider your messages to be relevant to their needs and wants.

What questions can I ask during content creation?

Regardless of where you are with your content creation strategy, size up your current content and put it to the test! This may sound like a challenging task, but writing creative and engaging content really just comes down to common sense. For this activity, don’t think big picture, break it down and ask yourself the following questions:

-Is the content informative?

-Will my target market be compelled to share it?

-Is the content well organized?

-Will it be easy for my readers to grasp the message?

-Will they be motivated to read through?

-Am I avoiding industry techno babble that they won’t understand? (I mean, who wants to work with someone who they don’t understand? No one!)

-Does the content reflect the professionalism of my brand?

-Is it well written, free of grammar errors and typos?

-Is it laid out in a format that will appeal to my target audience?

-Do the visuals help make the content pop? Are they high quality visuals?

-Which buyer’s market am I addressing with this specific piece of content?

-Have I included a clear call to action?

-Is the content authoritative? -Does it make me look like a professional that should be trusted and valued?

If you answered ‘YES’ to all of these questions, then your content creation strategy is ready for release… and don’t be afraid of getting it out the door, releasing it is the only way to start the testing process.