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Customer Story: Tyson Foods Integrates with Vertify

It all started when Tyson Foods, a global food service company, posed a question: We have prospect, customer, and purchase information in multiple systems across the company; how do we integrate our tech stack and eliminate data silos across teams?

RevOps Automation is the Answer

IT was having to do manual data pulls and then uploading that data into the various CRM and MAP systems that business users worked in to execute their day to day operations. This process was cumbersome, created data quality issues, and took time away from other high priority tasks across multiple business units. This had a negative impact on the alignment of the business because it affected its clients, its data, and its greatest expense – its people.

Welcome relief from Vertify

Then they found Vertify, the leading RevOps Automation app for connecting, transforming, orchestrating, and cleaning customer data while breaking down data barriers across revenue teams. Tyson wanted the business users to own the customer data journey, and Vertify made it easy to connect finance, sales, marketing, and services teams to receive the insights they needed without the addition of another system that they needed to tap into. Vertify’s ability to be the central hub for multiple revenue apps across multiple countries and users, along with their annual subscription and rapid no code time to value, allowed them to reduce spend and increase productivity.

Working with Vertify, they connected Marketo, multiple CRMs, and their e-Commerce platform. The connection of these systems automated the flow of accurate and mission-critical prospect, customer, and purchase data across different lines of business in real time. Tyson automated multiple workflows, including lead management, upsell/cross-sell, data hygiene, and reporting.

The Bottom Line

Through the connection, visualization, and guaranteed delivery of this valuable data, all teams had up-to-date, accurate, clean data for their prospects and current customers. In addition, their internal teams were able to regain hours back by eliminating the need for data extractions, cleaning, data transformation, and data uploading.

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