DaaS What I’m Talking About

We’ve all heard about Software as a Service, or SaaS for short, but this blog is to discuss the new kid on the block – Data as a Service (DaaS).  Before we get into the nitty gritty of DaaS, we should probably go back to the beginning and briefly explain the “as a Service” family.

It all begins with cloud computing.  Cloud computing is a kind of Internet-based computing where shared resources, data, and information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand.  Cloud computing is split into three “as a Service” models: Infrastructure-, Platform-, and Software-as-a-Service.

The most recent model to come from cloud computing is Data as a Service and it is making a significant impact on the industry. This is because Data as a Service allows companies to hand over the risks and burdens of data management to a third-party Cloud-based provider.  Before DaaS solutions, companies would manage their datasets in-house, however, data is constantly changing which makes things complex, difficult to maintain, and expensive.

A company’s data is one of the most powerful assets at hand – it is also one of the most difficult to manage. But with DaaS, managing your company’s data is much easier and one less thing to worry about. This computing model makes data readily accessible through a Cloud-based platform. With the DaaS environment a user can also access information regardless of organizational or geographical barriers.  But what really makes DaaS the best of the best? Let me tell you:


DaaS provides much more flexibility for accessing important business data.  Accessibility is easy due to the simplicity of DaaS platforms.  This also means that any changes that arise in terms of data shifts or location alterations becomes super easy to implement.

High Quality Data

With a DaaS platform, there’s security and improved data quality.  Quality DaaS platforms allow for regular cleaning to make sure that the quality of data is always at its peak.  If a DaaS platform offers data assurance (Vertify’s does!), or a way to automate the updating of records, then you never have to worry about your data expiring or decaying.  Once a database is clean, it should never go dirty again, and a good DaaS platform will ensure that.

Cost Effectiveness

Data management is costly and the price tag can oftentimes be intimidating, but the truth is, the cost of NOT managing your data properly is a much higher price to pay.  With DaaS platforms, your money goes a long way.  Generally, the layout of a DaaS platform is easy to use and they are built in such a way that management is simple to handle, even with multiple datasets across various projects.

That being said, DaaS platforms are the next big thing, and for good reason too. Lucky for us at Vertify, we have our own industry leading DaaS platform right at our finger tips!


Vertify delivers data you can trust, into the platforms you need, so you can make decisions that drive revenue.