Enhancing the Native Salesforce Integration

It all started when LogMeIn posed a question: Our organization has evolved beyond the capabilities of the native Salesforce-Marketo integration; how can we get the data we need into Marketo without having to do a complete rip and replace of our entire instance?

The Background

LogMeIn has an extremely customized Salesforce instance with dozens of custom objects that did not work with the native Marketo-Salesforce integration. They originally attempted to solve this data flow dilemma with TIBCO Scribe, but found that the platform was prone to errors, had a confusing UI, and it was an overall poor product performance. Then they found Vertify, Adobe’s preferred integration partner.

Vertify is the Answer

Working with Vertify, they connected directly into both Salesforce and Marketo’s REST APIs, just like they did with the native integration. Only now, a whole new world of possibilities were unlocked since they were not restricted to the native integration’s limitations and could configure and customize their Vertify integration to fit their business needs. In the end, the Vertify integration was able to run alongside the native integration seamlessly and complement it with additional data and insights from Salesforce.

LogMeIn was able to unlock eight new workflows and business automations in Marketo with their Vertify integration that the native integration was unable to handle. This allowed them to segment their lead database in Marketo more effectively, it enabled their account-based marketing efforts, and it facilitated personalization within their email campaigns based on product interest, affiliated partner, and opportunity line item data.

The Bottom Line

According to LogMeIn’s Vertify admin, “Our business would not be possible without Salesforce linking back into Marketo, and we couldn’t do that manually – it needed to be done automatically. Vertify made that happen. We love the overall support experience with Vertify!”

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