How a Leading Dermatology Practice Uses Vertify to Automate Business Management and Patient Marketing

An innovative dermatology group was first established with the mission of providing accessible and exceptional dermatological care across their state. The practice was initiated in 2010 by a visionary physician, who recognized the demand for prompt access to top-notch dermatology services. Witnessing the need for qualified providers without extensive waiting periods, the idea of a multi-location practice took shape. Today, this prominent dermatology group has grown to become the largest in the region, encompassing a vast network of offices and a substantial team of healthcare providers spanning the Northeastern region.

With Vertify, this dermatology practice connects their Patient Management System, Modernizing Medicine, with their Marketing Automation Software, Marketo Engage. As a result, they’re able to automate both new and existing patient marketing across their network of practices. Without Vertify, this data would need to be manually imported into Marketo, which would take hours of work per week to export from ModMed, clean, transform, polish, and manually upload into Marketo.

So how does it all work together? When a new appointment is created in ModMed, that data automatically pushes into Marketo via Vertify. Then, various workflows and reactivation campaigns are automatically triggered in Marketo, including: 

  1. No-show emails for patients who missed their appointment
  2. Appointment booking confirmations
  3. Reactivation campaigns for patients who are past due for their appointments

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