Letter to Vertify customers

Valued Customers,

Vertify was founded to improve the relationship of revenue teams through the idea that trustworthy data is essential to winning together. 

Over the past decade, the role of marketing has evolved – as the drive for data became a marker for success, marketing looked to reinvent their metrics. But what became a common language across teams also led to silos, led by stronger customizations in  technology offerings. “Record of truth” became a catch phrase defined per team, and disconnected reporting was the result. At some point, data capture per team, down to the role level, led to data fatigue and trust in bad data. We’ve all seen the result: misalignment produces weak reporting and stagnant growth. 

From my perspective, I was tired of watching my sales team struggle when our CRM became a data dump instead of telling us which prospects to chase.

Or when our marketing software told us, ‘this is a lead’ but our ERP insisted otherwise. Better yet, it set us all up for failure when our marketing software told us a campaign was successful, only to find out it actually bombed.

This is enough to have both marketing and sales teams scream in agony! I expect that finance also had a sneaking suspicion their numbers were off too…

But from this frustration came opportunity. The opportunity to build the bridge that would connect this growing pool of data.

Enter Vertify. Enter you, the customer. 

Our team came together to solve the problem we all had, we had all seen, and grew tired of being defeated with bad reporting. We are marketing, sales, and product professionals that have spent our careers analyzing incomplete data. 

You, our customer have chosen to go on this journey with us, to solve this age old problem. 

What does the next phase look like and why are you receiving this note? 

Well, at this stage in our journey, I want to first thank you all for being a part of  the extended Vertify family. You are what drives our teams every day to meet and exceed our goals. So, thank you for being our motivation and trusting Vertify to deliver.

In the next several months, you will hear more amazing product news about the future of Vertify. Vertify has acquired Atlanta-based, Synthio Inc., a data quality and enrichment technology company.  The addition of Synthio fits into the Vertify strategy to create a one-stop-shop customer intelligence platform for revenue teams that connects applications, aligns people, and provides insights based on trustworthy data. 

We are strengthening our leadership team with the growth focused mind of Bill Curran, who joins the team as president, overseeing Vertify revenue teams. In addition, we are adding proven Synthio team members from customer success, sales, marketing, product, and engineering to better inform, connect, and deliver for our customers. 

Vertify remains headquartered in the bustling technology hub of Austin, Texas while now expanding its presence to the east coast with Synthio’s Atlanta based crew.

The opportunity to come together as one team to build something great for you is upon us. We are focused on you, our customer. This move represents our commitment to put our customers needs above all else. We will be working over the coming weeks to ensure the advancement of our customer intelligence platform that automates data movement between applications, normalizes and enriches data, and provides valuable insights based on data you can trust. 

I want to thank you in advance for being a part of this future. We are excited to deliver more value in the months to come. Please stay tuned to your customer success manager as the value of the combined offering is extended to you. 

Personally, I am a lifelong learner, and this moment in time is a great opportunity to learn from one another. I welcome any and all feedback you have in the future. Please do not hesitate to reach out directly. I look forward to learning alongside you as we strive to help you and your business grow. 

Our commitment is to focus on you. We will expand the product and ensure you the guaranteed delivery of trustworthy data and intelligence as your business expands. 

Thanks again for being here and for putting your trust in the cause. It is humbling! 

Matt Klepac
Co-Founder and CEO, Vertify, Inc.

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