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A business advisory company had an inability to nurture leads and report effectively across multiple CRMs and databases.

Adopting marketing automation was critical to the 2021 global marketing strategy as this company shifted to a more customer-centric approach, providing a more personalized and targeted approach in their efforts to attract new leads for the range of product offerings provided by this company. But, with 10 different revenue apps, including multiple CRMs spread across 5 countries the team was overwhelmed with the task ahead.

RevOps Automation is the answer…
This company was trying to improve sales and marketing alignment, email campaigns, campaign reporting, lead scoring and nurture activities, content practices, and to consolidate data points across digital platforms. This company engaged Marketo in 2021 to see if they could help. During the sales process, Marketo realized that they needed to bring in Vertify, their leading RevOps Automation partner to make the UBT dream a reality and ultimately get the most out of Marketo.

Welcome relief from Vertify
Enter Vertify! In order for this company to get the most out of their Marketo investment they needed to be able to automate the flow and cleansing of customer data across 6 CRM instances, 2 ERPs, 1 MAP, and 1 eComm platform across 5 countries. Vertify makes it possible to do all of this in one platform with zero coding. Vertify’s ability to be the central hub for multiple revenue apps across multiple countries and users along with their annual subscription and rapid no code time to value provided welcome relief and a line of sight on reaching their sale and marketing alignment goals. Working with Vertify, they built a plan of attack, connected their disparate revenue apps already in place with their new Marketing Automation Platform, Marketo. With Vertify and Marketo, this company is able to implement best practices for lead management, cross sell, up sell, churn reduction, hygiene, multi CRM automation, and abandoned cart automation. And, they are doing all of this across multiple revenue apps, regions, and teams, in near real time.

The bottom line
Through the consultation, connection, visualization, and guaranteed delivery of this valuable data, all teams across the globe are able to use their systems of record and have up-to-date, accurate, clean data for their prospects and current customers. In turn their customers have a better lead to cash experience as well as a streamlined on-boarding and retention experience.