Vertify Customer Case Study: Helmerich & Payne

How H&P is focused on hyper-segmentation and alignment for improved marketing programs through Vertify to better personalize and target H&P is the No. 1 Land Driller in Texas, Mid-continent, and Onshore Gulf Coast region. With over 7,000 employees they service over 192 rigs across this region. To say they are in demand would be an…

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A business advisory company had an inability to nurture leads and report effectively across multiple CRMs and databases.

Adopting marketing automation was critical to the 2021 global marketing strategy as this company shifted to a more customer-centric approach, providing a more personalized and targeted approach in their efforts to attract new leads for the range of product offerings provided by this company. But, with 10 different revenue apps, including multiple CRMs spread across…

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Use Case – End of Quarter Marketing Planning…and Review

September is finally upon us and fall is about to be in full swing. Unless you live in Austin like most of the Vertify Team and the trees are not quite turning colors yet.  Consider yourself lucky if they are. For most organizations that follow a calendar quarter, now is the time to start reviewing…

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Use Case – What We Did When Marketing Win Rate Was Decreasing

Sales Team We’ve historically been a partner and sales sourced company. Oddly enough we had success in 2020 shifting to more marketing sourced so that we could have a healthier ratio AND a more cost effective ratio. We started 2021 off at 50% for our Marketing Win Rate. We have a pretty strong sales team…

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NetSuite & Marketo: Integrate to Get More From Your Tech Stack

One of The Best NetSuite Marketing Integrations is with Marketo During the past few years, hundreds of companies have found out one of the best NetSuite marketing integrations is with Marketo. Leading integration technology providers created solutions to integrate lead syncing, personalization, and overall marketing attribution reporting. Some have also assisted with thought leadership and…

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Vertify Data Cleansing FAQs

The data cleansing process involves detecting and/or removing corrupt or inaccurate records from a set of data. Through data cleansing, you can identify which contacts in your database are incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate, or irrelevant. Got a question about data cleansing? You can probably find an answer in our B2B Data Cleansing FAQs below. 1. What…

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