Vertify Customer Case Study: Helmerich & Payne

How H&P is focused on hyper-segmentation and alignment for improved marketing programs through Vertify to better personalize and target

H&P is the No. 1 Land Driller in Texas, Mid-continent, and Onshore Gulf Coast region. With over 7,000 employees they service over 192 rigs across this region. To say they are in demand would be an understatement. This demand is what led to their growing need for automation. The Marketing department needed to automate segmentation of their marketing audience to add an account based marketing program into their 2023 revenue marketing strategy. In addition, they needed to automate creation of 360° personas for existing Accounts and Contacts. Automating the targeting and segmentation for better personalization of existing accounts / contacts using intent and product preference data was top of mind. Lastly, they were hopeful that they could find a solution to also help accelerate account management teams ability to repeatedly drive upsell/cross-sell activities through capturing product usage and preference data for enhanced revenue and multi-solution adoption.

To H&P this was a big ask, but a must have as they accelerated into 2023. The good news is that it was not a huge ask for Vertify. Vertify was deployed to make their dream of alignment between sales and marketing and hyper-segmented a reality. Using Vertify workflows they are automating segmentation of target audiences in Marketo for improved personalization and targeting. And now the free flow of information between marketing and sales will allow for a better customer experience as marketing and sales are now communicating using the most up to date account information. 

Vertify is a key player to helping them unlock value. With Vertify in play, H&P is working to produce the following results:

  1. Increased ACV on closed-won upsell deals
  2. A reduction in sales cycle time
  3. A reduction in CAC
  4. Improved product adoption rates
  5. Improved deal velocity in expansion opportunities
  6. A better customer experience