How a Mid Market Manufacturing Company Uses Vertify to Connect Marketo Engage With Multiple Dynamics CRMs

When this manufacturer purchased Marketo Engage as their Marketing Automation Software, they quickly discovered that Marketo’s native integration with Microsoft Dynamics wouldn’t work for them since they had two Dynamics instances they needed to integrate with Marketo – one for their US division and one for their EU division. So, they turned to Vertify to connect and optimize these three applications. 

Their organization has two separate partitions set up in Marketo to account for their unique business units, and Vertify automatically routes leads, contacts, and accounts from their CRMs to the appropriate partition in Marketo. This keeps the data clean and organized for the US and EU divisions, while also allowing each team to set up their own data orchestration rules, workflows, and marketing campaigns. 

This business also uses Vertify to feed opportunity data from their CRMs to Marketo, which gives the marketing team access to invaluable product interest and purchase history information, and has allowed them to realize the following results:

  1. Improved segmentation for marketing campaigns
  2. More upsell and cross-sell initiatives based on purchase history
  3. A higher win rate for Sales since Marketing can help nurture deals based on product interest
  4. Better ROI reporting for marketing-influenced deals

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