Recession Proofing Your Staffing Firm With Clean Integrated Data

Prior to the pandemic, the staffing industry was only poised for modest growth of 3% according to market forecasts produced by research firm, Staffing Industry Analysts. In speaking with our customers in the staffing industry, they’ve reported that turbulent times tend to lengthen recruiting processes for certain industries while fast-tracking them for others.  Amidst the uncertainty, it’s hard for businesses to have a contingency for every possible scenario.  However, the businesses that are in the best position to adapt and seize opportunities are data-driven and can easily access the right data at the right time.

Many of our staffing industry customers have a tech stack that includes applicant tracking applications like Bullhorn, a CRM application to manage client relationships, and a marketing automation system to manage communication to both audiences.  While these applications offer tremendous functionality, they often lead to siloed processes and data.  These challenges can often result in unfilled job orders, diminished client confidence, poor candidate relationships, and lost revenue.  The issues are taxing in a normal business climate, but are compounded significantly when business conditions decline.   

At Vertify, every client we have today was experiencing a similar issue, i.e., the inability to get actionable data, to the right people, at the right time.  Our clients in the staffing industry have reported business performance improvements as a result of connecting applications like Bullhorn and Marketo and eliminating the data silos:   

  • Sales teams can access behavioral information from marketing activities within a CRM record and initiate personalized outreach without hopping between applications, essentially reducing manual time to close a deal. 
  • All sales and marketing activities and client or customer data, is automatically synced from the CRM to the marketing automation system to help the marketing team better segment and tailor messaging that’s personal and relevant.
  • Advanced analytics can be provided with tangible takeaways into sales and marketing performance, ROI and benchmarks. This allows revenue leadership to have a better ability to align resources, budget and make more accurate forecasting. 

Recruiting and staffing agencies globally are trying to improve their current systems and processes to align themselves with today’s demanding job placement environment. When using integrated, martech and revenue applications, your revenue team can realize efficiencies that ultimately lead to  streamlined recruiting experiences while contributing to a positive bottom line.