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Top 5 Reasons Users Prefer Vertify’s RevOptics over Spreadsheets

The common spreadsheet has been in existence since 1982 when Microsoft unveiled Excel. Nearly four decades later, businesses are still using spreadsheets to make critical decisions – with minimal improvement in functionality. But are spreadsheets still the most effective method for making true data driven business decisions? The art of spreadsheets will always have a home in the world of business, however there have been numerous advancements in the world of revenue operations data visualization and analytics. Enter: RevOptics by Vertify.

Here are the top 5 reasons why users prefer Vertify’s RevOptics over traditional spreadsheets:

1. It’s Simple, Easy to Understand, and Visual

From a visual standpoint, RevOptics beats spreadsheets with three features:

  • The pre-formatted UI facilitates quick time to value without having to spend time organizing columns, rows and cells. It’s ready-made for your next board meeting, leadership meeting or revenue team presentation.
  • Date filters in RevOptics make it a cinch to get access to historical data quickly. No need for messy formulas that may or may not bring back the results you were expecting. You can quickly compare the success of campaigns from yesterday or 6 months ago.
  • Automatically see your Campaign ROI in graph form against industry standard benchmarks. No complicated setup to include charts and graphs or wasting time on chart editors. 

2. Allows Shared Data to Be Analyzed Individually

Spreadsheets allow for decent collaboration – it’s easy to comment, share, etc. But productivity is more than sheet sharing. It involves planning, communicating, organizing, and prioritizing. One way RevOptics promotes productivity is with the ability for multiple users to analyze data without disrupting someone else’s view or having to recreate or copy spreadsheets. Multiple team members can sort, filter, or change timeframes within a window, all based on the same core dataset while having a personalized view. The underlying raw data stays the same but each user can customize their analysis from a common dataset.

3. Provides Insights, Not Just Information

The very nature of work today requires understanding the difference between data, analytics and insights. RevOptics captures all 3 so that individuals and teams can get what they need at each step of the data journey. Spreadsheets don’t have underlying components like machine learning and artificial intelligence. RevOptics can take data, analyze it and then provide insights with the click of a button. Use the Campaign ROI Report to validate marketing’s impact to revenue. Then get insights into how to improve ROI through better processes.

Predictive Analytics allows you to instantly see which opportunities have the highest probability of becoming a customer. Then visualize that data to then improve Ideal Customer Profiles.

4. Eliminates Unseen Reporting Costs

The strain of reporting – manually reminding, gathering, and revising inputs across your Marketing and Revenue teams – is exhausting and time consuming at best. RevOptics eradicates or reduces this toll. With Vertify RevOptics, you get automated integration of data across multiple applications into one, always up-to-date and in sync Revenue system of record. Reports are real-time and interactive, so that every change made in a report is reflected in the results or charts. While you might be able to have a dedicated team that can code something that mimics this in spreadsheets, it will take much more effort than in RevOptics.

5. Brings All Your Revenue Teammates Together

Some spreadsheets have internal wiki-like pages to aid in collaboration, but RevOptics is bringing Revenue teams together in a different way. No other platform for RevOps allows members from sales and marketing to work from a common platform. Every member of the Revenue Team must follow a common data strategy journey which in turn creates alignment. This helps you to ensure consistency in each team’s respective apps, create a foundation, monitor performance and predict growth.

Verify – Predictive Intelligence for RevOps

From data integration tools to predictive intelligence, Vertify is built to optimize your workflows and bring you clarity through trustworthy data.

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