Vertify Automates Complex Go-to-Market Funnels for One Company’s Global Network of 160 Manufacturers

A mid-market company that offers licensed business opportunities in the concrete manufacturing industry came to Vertify to aid in their complex reseller and distribution model go-to-market data automation strategy. This company works with manufacturers in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand to build retaining walls for roads, developments, and stormwater projects. The nature of their business requires them to get the most out of their revenue cloud apps in order to best satisfy their licensed business network. When adopting Marketo, they realized they needed more in order for them to advance their data maturity and achieve their goals across regional customer databases.

RevOps Automation is the answer…
This company has a multi-funnel, multi-brand distribution business. Each of these requires a different business funnel that they use Vertify to organize and orchestrate customer data for their marketing purposes. Their funnels are:

  1. potential manufacturers that produce the products they license
  2. end users (i.e., customers of their manufacturers)

Without a seamless and real time data automation platform, this company would not have the reach that is required to grow their business.

Welcome relief from Vertify
Enter Vertify! In order for this company to get the most out of their marketing automation investment, they needed to be able to automate the flow and cleansing of customer data across all of their distribution funnels. In fact, this was one of the main drivers to leave their legacy marketing platform behind. Vertify makes it possible to do all of this in one platform with zero coding. Think Mulesoft, without the IT requirements and complex coding, but with the bonus of enhanced data hygiene and complex transformations. This company is using Vertify to collect and connect their multiple CRM data with Marketo. They have their Marketo Person records broken down into Lead, Prospect, and End User segments. Using Vertify, they integrate and orchestrate these record types between systems including custom object information for the end user’s brand relationship and associated sales rep. 

The bottom line
Vertify loves the most complex use cases. It makes the complex simple with its elastic architecture and hygiene-focused approach. Through the consultation, connection, visualization, and guaranteed delivery of this valuable data, all teams across the globe are able to use their systems of record and have up-to-date, accurate, clean data for their prospects and current customers.