How Vertify Fuels and Marketo Engage for Supercharged Lead Workflows

By: Amanda Barr, Product Marketing Manager at Vertify

Revenue sales and marketing teams…start your engines! In the high-octane world of B2B sales, every second counts. Leads are like race cars, zipping through marketing funnels fueled by nurture campaigns and personalized outreach. However, just like a poorly tuned engine, inaccurate data, clunky workflows, and walled off information can stall your sales pipeline and leave you and your hope of hitting forecasts in the dust. But never fear! Vertify can be your champion pit crew, seamlessly integrating your existing tools like and Marketo Engage, while orchestrating your lead workflows for a smoother, faster ride to closed deals. and Marketo Engage – Best-of-Breed Solutions is a sales engagement platform that helps sales teams automate their outreach processes and close more deals. It does this by providing a variety of features, such as email sequencing, call tracking, and social selling. can help sales teams save time, increase their productivity, and improve their results. However, it can only accomplish this if the data moving in and out of Outreach is optimized. 

Marketo Engage is a B2B marketer’s secret weapon, an all-in-one marketing automation platform that orchestrates customer journeys from initial spark to loyal fan. Marketo Engage touts laser-targeted email campaigns, automated nurturing sequences that keep leads warm, and sophisticated analytics that reveal what truly resonates with your audience. But, once again, Marketo is only as good as the data moving in and out of it. 

(One side note: there are other best-of-breed applications like Salesloft in the sales engagement space and Hubspot in the marketing automation space that you may want to take a look at if buying one of these solutions for the first time. But, let’s progress assuming you already have Outreach and Marketo in house, or you are moving to these platforms in near term.) 

Back to the Automobile Analogy!

Think of Outreach as the sleek sports car of sales engagement. It lets you personalize emails, automate follow-ups, and track engagement like a pro. But what if the fuel gauge is faulty, giving you a false sense of progress? That’s where Vertify steps in.

  • Data Verification and Governance on Overdrive
    Vertify verifies data moving between systems like email addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles in real-time, ensuring your Outreach sequences reach the right people, every time. Say goodbye to bounced emails and phantom follow-ups! Vertify can also enrich contact data with additional insights from related customer, marketing activity, or even custom object data, letting you personalize pitches with laser precision.
  • Seamless Integration, Frictionless Workflow
    Vertify integrates seamlessly with Outreach, automatically verifying data within your sequences and sales efforts. No more duplicate emails or contacts, clunky copy-pasting, or manual updates. This streamlined workflow saves you precious time and keeps your sales engine purring.

Marketo Engage

Now, imagine Marketo as the mastermind strategist, crafting targeted nurture campaigns that keep leads moving through the funnel. Vertify ensures smooth sailing by constantly cleansing and verifying your Marketo database, leaving no stone unturned and ensuring inaccurate data doesn’t throw a wrench in your gears, all while saving you money. 

  • Accurate Targeting and Optimized Campaigns
    Vertify eliminates bad data that can skew Marketo’s lead scoring, reporting, and segmentation, ensuring your nurture campaigns reach the right prospects at the right time. Imagine no more sending nurture emails to empty inboxes or irrelevant contacts.
  • Orchestrated Coordination
    Vertify acts as the race car driver, navigating and coordinating Outreach’s personalized engagement with Marketo’s strategic nurturing. By ensuring clean data and seamless workflows, Vertify optimizes every touchpoint in your lead journey, turning lukewarm prospects into hot deals.

With Vertify in the Driver’s Seat, You Can Expect:

  • Increased conversion rates: Reach real people, personalize pitches, and send targeted campaigns for a significant boost in conversions.
  • Improved ROI: Squeeze every drop of efficiency from your existing tools, saving time and maximizing your marketing and sales budget.
  • Enhanced data quality: Say goodbye to bad data headaches and enjoy clean, accurate records for better decision-making.
  • Happy Sales Reps: When sales reps win, everyone wins. Vertify empowers sales reps to trust the data – and therefore the actions they need to put in place – to achieve outcomes that advance their career and the business’ value. 

That’s a Wrap

So, why settle for a sputtering sales engine when you can have a Vertify-powered rocket ship? Let Vertify integrate with your and Marketo Engage apps and watch your lead workflows sing, propelling you towards sales victory. Remember, in the B2B race, clean data and seamless workflows are your nitro. Don’t get left behind, get Vertify! 

Ready to take your B2B sales and marketing game to the next level? Visit Vertify today and fuel your sales engine for ultimate performance!