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Ensuring that you can now trust your data and data partner.

Online PR News – 04-March-2021 – Austin, Texas – Vertify Inc., a revenue operations intelligence company today announced the release of the first-ever common data model (CDM) for Revenue Operations teams. The Vertify CDM is a shared data language used by business and analytical applications. This innovation allows for faster scalability and greater flexibility for the Vertify automated analytics offering, RevOptics, while also paving the way for additional machine learning use cases.

Many Customer Data Platforms have a fatal flaw – their inability to provide a common data model even while housing customer data in one place. The Vertify common data model allows sales, marketing, customer success, and finance to operate from one trusted and centralized understanding. With the Vertify CDM RevOps professionals in the SMB and Mid-Market can now do things that have been reserved for larger enterprise companies with large data, engineering, and business intelligence teams. With greater portability and reliability of the data, revenue operations teams now have one revenue impact system of record they can trust. This portability also allows customers to switch between marketing and sales systems, which happens frequently in this space, without fear of losing analytics capabilities. However, the biggest benefit is creating the foundational building blocks for a holistic view of revenue operations.

“With the addition of our common data model you can think of Vertify as the United Nations of data automation and intelligence. RevOps professionals are dealing with multiple systems within the revenue stack. Each one of those systems speaks a different language. With marketing systems speaking one language and sales systems speaking another, Vertify is like an interpreter at the United Nations, constantly translating and running this data through our common data model,” said Wayne Lopez, Chief Product Officer at Vertify.

The Vertify engineering team led by CTO and industry veteran, David Perdue, is using an innovative and modernized tech stack to deliver the platform that leverages the model at a fraction of the cost of most analytics and intelligence platforms. Every RevOps professional who has prepared data for decision-makers has experienced that heart-stopping moment when the decision-maker examines the report and says, “wait, something seems off.”

Vertify was born out of ‘verify’ + ‘veritas’. Trust and truth in data. With this latest innovation, revenue professionals can look forward to automated analytics and driving predictable growth.

About Vertify Inc.

Launched in 2016, the Vertify mission is to help revenue professionals unlock the true potential of company data. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Vertify makes it easy to connect apps, clean data, and gain actionable insights. For more information, visit , follow @vertifydata? on Twitter or contact [email protected]. DOWNLOAD NOW

Contact for more information: Cortney Smith | Head of Sales