Outreach Integrations & Connecting Your Software

Vertify offers an automated connection linking Outreach with your marketing and sales technology stack. Aligning Outreach and your technology stack allows your company’s sales, marketing, and ops teams to integrate existing customer data stored throughout your marketing and sales stack. This powerful integration allows you to save time and money by inputting data into one system and automatically updating the information on the other end.

With Vertify, you can align your business processes across multiple systems. Work the right sales leads, at the right time, increase sales efficiency, and close deals more quickly through automation.

Power Business Management Made Easy

Vertify breaks down the walls of siloed platforms to connect your entire customer journey from that first touch inbound to the personal outreach from the business/marketing/sales development teams. Get the info that allows you to close more business by using Vertify to connect and excavate the truth from tools like Salesforce, Marketo, NetSuite, BaseCRM, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, and more. And be up and running within weeks.

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