Bullhorn Integrations & Connecting Your Software

Vertify offers a robust Bullhorn integration through our dynamic partnership and knowledge. With our multi-point integration platform, it doesn’t matter if you need to connect a CRM, e-commerce platform, marketing automation system, HR system or all four. Learn more about our Bullhorn integration – connect with Vertify below.

Connect Bullhorn data

With Vertify, connect and move data across any combination of on-premise and SaaS corporate IT systems. Our team is always building additional connectors so you can connect more. By connecting Bullhorn to all of your systems that house customer data, you are equipping your business to make defensible decisions that move the needle.

Powerful Business Management Made Easy

Within your current sales and martech stack, Vertify lets you connect and excavate the truth from tools like Marketo, Salesforce, NetSuite, Outreach, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Bullhorn, Magento, and more. And be up and running within weeks.

Using Vertify, Bullhorn integrates with the following applications.

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