A+ Federal uses Vertify

A+ Federal Credit Union Wins with Vertify

A+ FCU, an award-winning Texas credit union, prides themselves on providing financial services and education to every member and giving them the right guidance for their unique financial situation. However, they were facing the common challenge of dealing with data silos across multiple systems, including Jack Henry Symitar, Marketo Engage, and more. This was leading to inefficiencies and increased operational costs, hindering A+ FCU’s ability to stay competitive. And this wasn’t a unique problem either, as 49% of financial services organizations have more than ten internal or external sources of data that are critical to their business processes. A+ FCU was one of these organizations.

Strategic Data Integration is the answer

Vertify worked closely with A+ FCU’s marketing operations team to design and implement a tailored data integration and ongoing cleansing strategy. The results are pretty typical for Vertify’s solution, but to A+ FCU they were astounding:

  • Cost Reduction: By breaking down data silos and integrating their disparate systems, A+ FCU realized a significant reduction in their operational costs. Streamlined data access and management translated to fewer person-hours spent on manual data handling and troubleshooting.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: With real-time data synchronization and seamless integration across their revenue organization, processes that used to take days or even weeks were now accomplished in mere minutes or hours. This newfound efficiency not only improved A+ FCU’s bottom line, but it also empowered their team to focus on strategic initiatives.

  • Reach: Vertify’s data integration solution allowed A+ FCU to scale their operations effortlessly, enabling them to serve a growing customer base across state lines with confidence, knowing their systems are equipped to handle the increased demand.

  • Data-Driven Decisions: The power of unified data helped A+ FCU make more informed decisions. Their leadership team now has access to accurate, up-to-date insights, which allows them to stay agile and adapt to market changes.

The bottom line

The workflow automations that were actioned using Vertify created a faster time to revenue for new members, led to more members signing up for other related accounts and services, and fostered deeper trust in the organization as a whole. Vertify is incredibly proud of the journey we’ve embarked upon with A+ FCU, and their success is a testament to the transformative potential of data integration for financial services organizations.

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A+ Federal Credit Union is Leading the Way

A+ is celebrating 75 years of helping members and their community live A+ lives. They are thankful for members like who trust them with their financial needs and have helped them earn recognition as Austin’s Best Credit Union. If you are looking to work with an amazing group of people, check out A+ today!