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Customer Story: Improved Data Hygiene & Lead Gen

AdvancedMD is a dynamic healthcare technology company that specializes in cloud-based medical office software tailored for ambulatory medical practices. Their comprehensive suite of solutions includes practice management, telemedicine, patient relationship management, and more. AdvancedMD extends its support to independent physicians and their staff, offering a range of tools and technologies to enhance practice efficiency and patient care. Catering to a wide network of practitioners, they serve numerous practices and medical billing companies across the country.

The Challenge

AdvancedMD needed to improve their data hygiene, lead generation, and lead efficiency without increasing their headcount. Their main objectives for their managed RevOps as a Service success plan fell into the following four categories:

  • Increase Data Hygiene: Increase data hygiene in their Marketing Automation Platform of choice, Marketo, from 90% to 99.9%
  • Improve CRM Usability: Their CRM of choice, NetSuite, is highly customized and has years of technical debt that makes it difficult to learn and navigate.
  • Maximize Spend: Their average cost per lead is between $1k – $1.5k with ~250 leads per day. Maximizing this spend is a top priority.
  • Optimize Integration: Optimize the lead efficiency and throughput for their existing Marketo → NetSuite integration so all leads are sent to Sales on demand.

The Solution

After consulting with their Vertify Customer Success Manager, AdvancedMD decided to adopt a managed RevOps as a Service success plan to solve these challenges. By investing in this success plan with Vertify, AdvancedMD is now getting the most out of their tech stack and are meeting the following goals:

  • Improved decision making and marketing effectiveness
  • Quicker and more efficient sales cycle times
  • Reduced average cost per lead with ongoing efficiency recommendations
  • Increase in revenue growth and number of converted opportunities
  • Better insight into the true ROI of their marketing spend
  • Sustained integration health and internal troubleshooting knowledge

“It’s always a pleasure supporting our customers’ goals, but it’s been especially rewarding being a part of AdvancedMD’s growth over the last ten-plus years. Helping their sales and marketing teams get a 360-degree view of their prospects and customers – including each office’s number of providers, specialty, current software, and more – has been invaluable.”

– Brandon Bruce, VP of Customer Success & Expansion at Vertify

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