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Customer Story: TrueCommerce Uses Data Management

It all started when TrueCommerce posed a question: We have prospect, customer, distributor, opportunity, and sales order information in multiple different systems and divisions across our global company; how do we orchestrate data across our tech stack and eliminate data silos across teams?

RevOps Automation is the Answer

IT and revenue teams were collaborating weekly to try to organize their customer data between various systems. They were relying on IT to deliver spreadsheets via manual data pulls every week. Business units had no trust in the data that was being generated, and IT was frustrated with the time consuming and untrustworthy process. There had to be a better way.

Welcome relief from Vertify

Then they found Vertify, the leading RevOps Automation app for orchestrating, transforming, and cleaning customer data while breaking down data barriers across revenue teams. TrueCommerce needed the business users to own the customer data journey in order to scale the business effectively. Vertify made it easy to connect sales, marketing, and services teams to receive the alignment, trust, and insights they needed, in real time. Vertify’s ability to be the central hub for disparate revenue apps across multiple countries and users, along with their annual subscription and rapid no code time to value, allowed TrueCommerce to reduce spend and increase productivity.

Working with Vertify, they connected their multiple NetSuite CRM databases for their US, UK, French, and Denmark subsidiaries with their Marketing Automation System, Marketo. They also set up lead routing rules for net new leads coming into Marketo to feed to the correct subsidiary and assign to the correct sales rep. Finally, they connected their opportunity and order data with both Marketo and their revenue reporting tool, Smartsheet. The orchestration between all of these systems automated the f low of accurate and mission-critical prospect, customer, distributor, opportunity, and sales order data across different lines of business.

The Bottom Line

Through the connection, visualization, and guaranteed delivery of this valuable data, all teams had up-to-date, accurate, clean data for their prospects and current customers, while regaining hours back in their day. In turn, their customers had better and more streamlined lead-to-cash, onboarding, and retention experiences.

Ready to streamline your business integrations and gain a unified view of your customer journey without the hassle of coding? Vertify is your solution. Our platform empowers you to orchestrate, integrate, and activate all your revenue apps effortlessly. Say goodbye to integration complexities with our drag-and-drop interface, and welcome real-time, automated data flow across your systems. Learn more about Vertify and elevate your business’s efficiency today.


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