Don’t let Contact Data Control You

Here, at Vertify, we love data, some have even called us data junkies, but we know that not everyone feels the same way. We’ve decided to help out our fellow marketers with a few simple tips on data management.

Realize that Contact Data is your Biggest Asset

Marketers are busy folks – we often have so much on our plates that it is very easy to let an item slip through the cracks. However, what marketers must realize is that your organization’s database is its biggest asset. Managing your contact data and using the right resources to maintain it will generate game-changing campaign results and can often make all other tasks easier to complete. Knowing how important your data is, the value behind it, and how you can use it intelligently, will not only put you ahead of the curve but it will also launch your lead generation to the next level.

Establish a Goal for your Data:

When you look at data quality, it’s vital to start at the end. Think about what your overall business objectives are- Who are you trying to reach? What are you trying to tell them? What do you need to know about your contacts in order for the messaging to be relevant? Your objectives impact on the amount and type of data you need. Considering your objectives and starting at the end ensures your data is fit for its intended purpose.

Know your Weaknesses:

You don’t just wake up one day and say “I’m going to run a marathon today” – you have to train for it, addressing your weaknesses and establishing a plan to succeed, so why would your data be any different? B2B contact data is more than just names and emails. Consider what you need to know about your target audience in order for your message to be relevant, such as industry, Alma Mater, Skills, Title, Location, Group Affiliations, Previous Employer, and much more! Analyze your current data and indicate gaps so you can address the real problems with your data and append it.

Make it personal

Part of data management is knowing how to use it. If someone ever tells you that any contact is a good contact – RUN. Its no secret that taking a personal approach to your marketing campaigns can get you better results, but when you look at your data consider what details stand out about your buyers- what are some shared characteristics? What are the top titles? Locations? Use these shared characteristics to modify your marketing. If you know that 90% of your buyers live in Virginia, then identify the Virginians in your database and market to them. Your data can reveal a lot about your audience, you just have to have the right data.

Hit the Refresh Button:

Regularly look at your data. If you don’t know what you’re looking for then it is very important to get a data vendor that you trust. On average, lead lists/marketing lists expire at a rate of 25% annually, and that number is always rising. If you are using old data, chances are your marketing campaigns aren’t getting the traction you want…unless you have a time machine! Constantly refresh your database with up-to-date contact information. If you don’t know where to start, I think I know of a company that can help…(coughs..clears throat…coughs..”Vertify”).


Marketers tend to be a little on the ‘control-freak’ side, and in a way it is almost expected; we cant let a single piece of collateral (whether it is an email, a fact sheet, promotional items, etc.) walk out of the golden doors of the Marketing Department until the leadership position in the department has seen every single thing. However, it seems like that ‘control-freak’ mentality doesn’t always translate over to the platforms that marketers use regularly. Bottom line is that those who have access to admin privileges in the CRM/MAP need to be a select few. Be the marketing control freak you know you want to be and don’t let anyone you don’t know and trust touch your data!! And certainly don’t share your login credentials, there is no room for being loose with who controls how data comes into your CRM/MAP.


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