Eliminating Data Blind Spots with the Vertify HubSpot Connector

The emergence of martech has enabled organizations to better acquire and service customers, but has also created blind spots and data silos. With the release of API v3, HubSpot has enhanced their API by making access to their data more accessible. This is great news for the many revenue operations teams we work with, as it not only solves their data integration challenges, but ensures they have seamless, accurate data that details the entire customer journey.  

One of the exciting features of HubSpot’s API v3 offers is it opens up access to a wider array of customer and prospect interactions like form fills and page views. Since most organizations consider their CRM to be the ‘system of record’, capturing these valuable details and syncing them with CRM records helps break down the data silos.   With the most robust HubSpot connector technology on the market, Vertify can automatically sync this data with the CRM application in near real-time to eliminate manual data entry and improve data accuracy.

4 compelling reasons to consider Vertify’s updated HubSpot connector

1. Personalized Sales Outreach

Somewhere between marketing automation and sales enablement, CRMs still have a major role to play.  CRM is the application that sales tends to utilize most often, so ensuring that key account and contact activity data is available in the CRM system is paramount.  When a seamless integration between HubSpot and CRM is enabled by Vertify, sales has a better understanding of the content prospects are viewing, e.g., a prospect that has downloaded product-centric content and visited the pricing page might suggest they are embarking on their buyer journey.  With these details, Sales can better personalize their outreach and humanize the interaction. Personalization demonstrates to a prospect that you are listening, that you aren’t taking a cookie-cutter approach, and that you value each interaction. Setting the tone in this manner improves the chances of converting a prospect into a customer; some would say between 60-90% higher

2. Revenue Operations Bliss

As stated by dictionary.com, bliss is supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment. Not usually the words you hear when talking about the sales and marketing team. But, what we’ve gathered from our own customers is that when sales and marketing has access to the same, accurate, cleansed data, better alignment occurs and bliss can be achieved. The results are often shorter sales cycles which ultimately leads to a faster time to revenue.  How is this possible? Sales and marketing are now talking the same language. Scenario: Salesperson gets a lead. That lead is missing key data. Salesperson then wastes time going to find that key data so they can reach out to the prospect with pertinent information. (Shameless plug, Vertify has a way to save time enriching sales data with our Data Optimization product). All the while, the prospect filled out a form that had the requisite data needed by the salesperson…but it’s stuck in the marketing automation system. 

3. Analytics to Drive Decisions

All of our customers’ we’ve talked to are seeking a clear, current, and accurate depiction of their customers’ buyer journey.  By understanding how customers engage and interact, you can make smarter decisions about marketing budget or spend allocation with confidence.  Additionally, this data reveals the psychographic/behavioral details of your customers based on their interactions, when combined with demographic and firmographic data you can gain a clearer, data-driven understanding of who your ideal customers truly are.  

4. Lagniappe: Best Practice – Syncing qualified leads that turn into opportunities bi-directionally

If you could put HubSpot on steroids…wouldn’t you want to? Marketing automation platforms are extremely customizable these days and any integration with HubSpot and a non-native CRM (NetSuite, Sugar, Dynamics, Copper, Pipedrive) has to be flexible.  Even the native integration with HubSpot and Salesforce has a lot of limitations. Here’s what Vertify powering your HubSpot integrations allows for with the new V3 API:

  • Using HubSpot marketing automation tools to support lead qualification and nurturing bi-directionally, with an automated sync into a CRM (MQL stage)
  • Ensuring complex opportunity management processes are simplified by leveraging best practices, templates and machine learning
  • Using Contact Intelligence to automate the enrichment and cleansing of opportunity contact data.  Providing net new lead data in a sync back to HubSpot to accelerate lead-routing and rules-based coordination between sales and marketing.
  •  Collecting opportunity data to power Vertify’s RevOptics closed loop reporting to provide marketing impact analytics

As more organizations look for solutions to liberate their siloed data, Vertify is leading the way with true Revenue Operations Intelligence that enables organizations to better personalize prospect and customer interactions, align sales and marketing teams, and empower marketing teams with accurate data to demonstrate their contributions to revenue. By eliminating the blind spots and data silos, Revenue Operations Intelligence provides the opportunity for organizations to tap into their most valuable asset, their data.